3Commas is a cryptocurrency platform that allows you to build automated trading robots. It has over 33,000 registered users and receives more than $10,000,000 in daily trading volume.

3Commas is easy to use and a great option for new crypto traders who are just starting out with trading bots. 3Commas is compatible with all major cryptocurrency exchanges. It also offers spot trading interfaces that provide risk management tools for manual trades.

What does 3commas cost you?

Starter PackageStarting at $22/Month
Intermediate packageStarting at $37/Month
Pro packageStarting at $75/Month

Pricing and plans for 3Commas

3Commas subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime. They are available on a monthly basis, 6 months or yearly basis. You will get a 15% discount for 6 months, and 25% for one year if you select a longer term.

Starter Package:

Intermediate package

Pro package:

On request, we can also offer an exclusive package for businesses. Pricing is determined on a case by case basis. You will receive priority support and customized features depending on your case.

Any plan can be purchased with credit card payments, PayPal transfers or cryptocurrency wallets. 3commas customers can choose which payment option they prefer depending on the type of plan.

Pros and cons of 3commas


Starter Pack: AffordableTry it

The starter plan has limited functionality
No registration fees
Free for Pro Version

3commas: Key features

Supported exchanges

3Commas was designed to be used with accounts on a cryptocurrency exchange, not as an exchange. You will need an API key from your exchange to connect to the service.

3Commas currently works with 22 exchanges including Binance and Bitfinex as well as Kraken, Coinbase and Poloniex. The exchanges are listed as follows:

How to get started with 3Commas

It is easy to create an account. The main page features a green “Create anAccount” tab.

1) Create an account

To register, visit the 3Commas website. Enter your email address and password. Once you have confirmed your account by clicking the link in the email, you can access the dashboard.

2) Select the type of bot

There are four types: short, simple, composite and short short bots. A simple trading bot involves only one trading pair and is therefore the easiest to set up.

3) Connect an exchange

When you first start trading, the simple trading bot feature will only work with Binance exchange. You can connect a Binance Account here. You must ensure that your account is connected via API, holds BNB, and has the BNB fee payment feature enabled. You can then name your bot.

4) Select a trading pair and determine the base trade size

From the drop-down menu you can choose the trading pair that you would like your bot to trade. You can also tell your bot how much of your preferred currency will you use for your first trade.

5) Establish a profit target

It’s a smart idea to establish a safety trade size before you do this. This will allow you to make purchases in a controlled manner after any dips. If you choose ETH/BTC as your trading pair, then safety trades will allow you to purchase more ETH using the BTC amount that was set in the safety trade.

After that, you can choose a target profit. This tells the trading robot when to sell according percentages. The trading bot will execute a sale order once the target profit of 3% has been reached.

6) Select the take-profit type

There are two options for taking profits: a percentage of base trade or a portion from the total volume.

7) Limit the number of safety trades

This tells the trading robot how many safety trades it is able to make before it stops, and the maximum active safety trades count tells it the number of active safety trading it can do at any one time.

8) To open safety trades, set price deviation

This tells the trading robot when it can start executing safety trades and is expressed as a percentage. The trading bot will execute safety trades if the currency’s price drops by 3% from its initial trade price. If this is set to 3, then it will be reset to 3.

9) Establish trade start conditions

This tells the bot when to place the initial trade. There are options for TradingView Signal Buy or Strength Buy, TradingView Sign Strong Buy, Manually or Open New Trade ASAP.

These steps will allow you to create a trading robot in a matter of minutes. The process is also simple enough that novice traders can follow it. It is still easy enough to attract experienced traders.

Conclusion: 3commas review.

3Commas is the best platform for cryptocurrency traders looking to move from manual trading to automated trading. You can use the platform even more if TradingView is already installed and you trade on a fully supported exchange such as Binance. 3Commas is also available for advanced cryptocurrency traders who are familiar with bots. However, they may find integration with TradingView more cumbersome than useful.