ScamRobot, a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading automation software, is designed to allow users to create their own trading bots or to use existing templates to automate their cryptocurrency trading activities. has created a user-friendly interface to help casual traders find proven strategies and other trading methods. It is also a unique solution to the “noncoders trying code” problem. It does away with programming languages, and lets users give basic instructions to bots by simply typing plain English syntax.

Theoretically, novice traders who don’t have any coding experience will feel more at ease when they aren’t facing the unintelligible text walls that make up a typical piece of written code. offers a few more utility and quality-of-life improvement tools. They also emphasize paper testing and backtesting.

To avoid further confusion, this is all supposed to not be in users’ eyes.

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Trading with financial instruments carries high level of risks that is not suitable for all investors. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisor to ensure you understand the risks involved.







Trading with financial instruments carries high level of risks that is not suitable for all investors. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisor to ensure you understand the risks involved. is a simplified way to reduce the time and number of steps needed to process daily trade activity. The team claims that the 3-step process replaces the 15-step, slower, more laborious, and much, far more risky process.

It’s difficult to create a bot with simplicity and performance that is both simple and complex. Did manage to do it? What happens when it’s facing reality? How to Use It

You can use the platform to gather a lot of data and develop your trading strategy.

Here’s a quick overview of the possibilities with offers all the details required to create your trading bot, unlike other providers.

Strategy creation’s main selling point is its well-organized interface, which allows users to easily create strategies. It is intuitive and simple to use, and it has usability at its core.

Even if you’ve never used a trading platform before, this platform allows you to create one quickly and efficiently. To ensure accuracy, all data is sourced from the best financial institutions.

To create their own strategies, users can choose from forex, equity, or crypto. You can also create pre-defined trading pairs and set the point at which you want to execute the position.

You have hundreds of trading pairs and parameters to choose from. allows you to have complete control and flexibility in determining your strategies.

Here are some examples of the options available to you:

All of these can be done for one asset, but you can also do it for multiple assets. There are currently over 40 forex pairs and hundreds of crypto trading pair on the site. Additionally, you can find over 80,000 US equities.

You don’t have to program or code your way into a trading robot. All you need is to input your ideas. The back-test phase is where your strategies can be converted into trading bots.

These strategies can be automated as crypto trading bots if you are satisfied with the performance of your formula. You can also trade manually if you are not satisfied with your formula.

Note: You will be saving your strategies to the platform. It is important to ensure that nobody else has access. protects your strategy as your intellectual property. They have legal obligations that prevent others from using or sharing it.

Free strategies allows you to create strategies and gives you access to tried strategies. Six strategies are available that help you to trade equities and forex as well as cryptocurrencies.

These are based on popular indicators and fundamentals. You can modify any of these free methods to create your own strategy. Once you have completed the editing, you can use them as full-fledged trading robots.

Features’s main selling point is its non-coding process for creating bots in plain English.

It works in a similar way to coding, with the analyzer only taking into account approved key words, such as BUY or STOP LOSS, TAKE PROFIT, and others. Other words don’t get much attention. bots can be data-driven with many indicators, candles and fundamentals.

The features include trailing stop loss and take profits, but the entire package serves to be easy to use for beginners.

Users have a PANIC button that allows them to instantly stop trading or pull out of markets. This button doesn’t appear as necessary because of backtesting and extensive paper trading.

Users can create their own plain-English bots or use existing strategies that (hopefully!) suit the general trends in crypto markets.

These codes are provided by the service. However, clients can also put their own codes in circulation and get other to make them if necessary.

Overall, this is a basic package that provides a service whose purpose is to help you start in crypto trading.

Pros and cons

It is easy to create a crypto trading botList of supported exchanges is limited
The majority of data on any crypto platform
Outstanding backtesting and paper trading capabilities

How much does cost you?

You have three pricing options when you choose There is also a qualified-free option.

The qualified free account is available with Bitpanda Pro and Binance. It also offers 10 real-time paper/live trading, 100 backtests and 3 strategies. There are 3 assets and 3 rules per strategy. The minimum trade interval is 15 minutes.

The Starter plan costs 69 EUR/month and offers the exact same offer as the qualified-free option. However, the Starter plan has a cap of 10 rules per strategy instead of the 3 available in the free plan.

The Trader costs 199 EUR/month and includes 50 real-time paper/live trading, 500 backtests and unlimited strategies. There are 10 assets per strategy and 10 real-time paper trading.

A Trader Pro plan is also available for 349 EUR/month. It will remove most of the caps and allow for uninterrupted trading.

Supported exchanges currently offers cryptocurrency trading support.

Five exchanges are in support:

You can expect seamless integration of all exchanges in the future.

What’s the verdict?

Although it is a cute idea, changing code to plain English does not solve many problems that plague software like

Too many features can cause problems in the overall performance of a cryptobot.

Alternative crypto trading bots are available that are even more powerful. For example, Bitsgap or Quadency have introduced beginner-friendly approaches and methods, but also maintained pros-friendly features.

Balance is the key to everything. Crypto trading being no exception, Bitsgap’s and Quadency’s performance far exceeds that of

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