Trading cryptocurrency can seem very exciting. It is more challenging to have to monitor the markets in order to maintain your trading strategy.

Automatic trading tools are becoming increasingly popular among traders. Coinrule is an example of one of these new crypto trading tools.

Coinrule lets users create customizable trading rules. They have access to 150 templates and can take advantage of many moderately priced plans. To test your strategy, you can also do paper trading.

There are four levels of plans: Starter, Hobbyist (Trader), Pro and Professional. Each plan will help to increase your knowledge and skills in cryptocurrency trading. The platform is great for learning how crypto traders can succeed in trading digital currency.

Automate your crypto trades with Coinrule

What is Coinrule and how can it help you?

Coinrule was founded with its headquarters based in London in 2017. Coinrule’s team is made up of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who believe trading cryptocurrencies can be simplified.

Coinrule was formed to address this problem. This was the basis for Coinrule’s automated trading platform, which can easily integrate with many exchanges.

The service’s purpose is to allow you to trade cryptocurrency on autopilot. This is a lofty promise that the service seems to keep. The company raised over 500,000 EUR ($700,000.00 in Seedrs funding in December 2020. This was more than 200% beyond its target.

What is Coinrule?

Trading bots make it possible to execute trading commands in a user’s account. They can do so using the exchange’s API.

APIs are available at top exchanges. APIs enable users to perform trades and withdraw funds without the need for logging into their exchange accounts. Coinrule is an example trading bot and would request permission from the customer to execute such trades.

Coinrule utilizes conditional statements with the IFTTT model, rather than the majority of automated trading systems available on the market. The IFTTT(IF This Then THAT) model allows a user the ability to describe a specific set of actions to take once a particular condition has been met.

Coinrule allows users to define conditions that trigger trading account actions. If the condition is met, Coinrule’s bot will execute a predetermined act. Also, the reverse is true: if the condition isn’t met, the action will not take place.

Automate your crypto trades with Coinrule

Coinrule Key Features

Coinrule supported exchanges

Coinrule currently supports more than 10 popular cryptocurrency exchanges. These can be linked via API integration. These include:

Automate your crypto trades with Coinrule

Coinrule vs. Other crypto trading bots

Coinrule has many competitors offering similar products. Coinrule connects to many exchanges unlike most of its rivals. This is great if your goal is to purchase cryptocurrencies in the future or to get the best rates for transactions.

The platform also stands out for its extensive education tools that will help you to improve your trading skills.

How do you open an account at Coinrule?

Ready to trade Coinrule Here’s how it works.

First, visit Coinrule and choose which plan you want to use – Hobbyist, Starter or Pro. After that, you will need to create an email account and choose a password.

Once your account is established, you will be able create trading rules. Before you can begin implementing the rules you will need to connect Coinrule and one of the available exchanges.

Coinrule will manage your trading strategy from that point onwards. You can change your rules at any time through your Coinrule accounts.

Safety features and security features are provided by Coinrule

Here are the security features that Coinrule has implemented in its service.

Automate your crypto trades with Coinrule

Coinrule Review: Conclusion. Should you give it a try?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of fraudulent crypto trading softwares. It’s not easy to find trusted crypto trading bots. Coinrule, one of the few crypto-trading bots that actually delivers, is Coinrule.

The platform provides good exchange support. It integrates with a number of major crypto exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Pro Kraken, Kraken, BitMEX, and Kraken. This will appeal to traders as these exchanges offer good liquidity levels and a wide variety of coins to exchange.

Coinrule can be as simple as it is, but Coinrule has much to learn. More advanced users may be interested to explore other TA-based strategies, such as the Moving Averages and RSI.

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