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Although crypto has been around for less than a decade, it is still a popular trading platform due to its volatility. Trading bots were originally developed for established markets, but they are now being used in crypto markets to make more profits than traditional markets.
These automated solutions can be very helpful in managing time, costs, and risk. Every day, trading bots are becoming more popular due to their many benefits. We will be reviewing the features of Kryll bot today, which is one such tool.

What is Kryll? provides the perfect platform for cryptocurrency traders who want to make the most of the latest trading strategies and tools in the easiest way possible. It allows you to easily create and execute your trading strategies. The interface allows you to create trading strategies using the most powerful tools in the industry and then safely test them by backtesting or sandboxing. Drag’n Drop Builder allows you to quickly create your strategy without any programming skills. It uses Price triggers, Candlestick colors & pattern, Technical indicators like MACD, ICHIMOKU and Bollinger. Only limit is your imagination. Our platform runs 24/7. Kryll will take care of the rest. The Tradingview integration allows for powerful technical analysis.

Background information about Kryll’s business

Kryll was first launched in 2018 through an initial coin offer (ICO). Kryll was made available to the public through an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2018. It is quite unique, especially when compared to other more established trading bots.

The platform’s benefits have gained traction since its release.

Kryll’s block-like structure is a great solution because most cryptocurrency traders are only interested in trading as a source of income.

Although the fee structure can be difficult to grasp for new users, it is easy to comprehend. It is easy to get used to the system by taking a few minutes and reading through the introduction. Kryll bot stands out from the rest because of its affordable price.

Kryll’s social connectivity and backtesting add to the service’s value proposition. The service has a solid offering that enables it to grow quickly.

Kryll Features

Designer of Drag’n Drop flowchart strategies.

Drag’n Drop Editor lets users create unlimited strategies and then test them. This feature allows users to create strategies without any coding skills.

The strategy builder is designed around WYSIWYT (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Trade) using a flow-based technology, Using connected blocks to identify strategy elements like Price triggers, Candlestick colors and patterns, and Technical indicators.

Kryll provides logical operators, market indicator, value triggers and technical analysis to assist in the design of effective strategies.

Smart Trading

This algorithm provides a Stop-loss Take-profit strategy which helps users limit traders’ losses on a particular coin. A stop-loss order refers to an order that is placed once the stock has reached a specific price. The trader can set their profit and loss limits.

Comprehensive Backtesting

Kryll lets users test their strategies virtualy multiple times before they send them live. This tool is great for beginners as it shows whether the strategy can be used to trade actual money or if it will result in losses. Users can see the effectiveness of their strategies and not lose any money.

Strategy Marketplace

Traders have the opportunity to join the Kryll Market and benefit from the expertise of a large trading community. They can also compare strategies to find the best one.

Kryll checks the strategies publishers to make sure they are knowledgeable. You must apply to become a publisher. Your experience will be reviewed through your past strategies. This is to limit the amount of bad strategies that could mislead users.

Earn Kryll tokens, KRL

KRL is the currency that Kryll users can use to earn income. The strategy works by allowing traders to share their strategies with others in the community, and then get paid in KRL for people who use it.

Kryll Supported Exchanges

Kryll can be supported by major exchange platforms including:

Kryll Pricing

Kryll is unique in that it uses a pay-per-use model. Only 1% of your trade capital is charged per month.

Kryll Security

Kryll uses API to connect directly to an exchange account. API withdrawal rights are not required by the platform, which ensures that trader’s money remains safe on their exchanges.

Kryll advises users to enable two-factor authentication (2FA), to protect their accounts. Kryll also recommends that users verify their ETH address to prevent fraudulent activity.

How to trade on Kryll

1. Visit the Kryll website
2. Register now to get a free account
3. Start setting up auto trading strategies by linking exchanges

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