Fantom is currently the dominant exchange thanks to an investment of $15 million from Hyper Chain Capital, a Singaporean company. Fantom (better known as its native token FTM) has been making recent miracles on the cryptomarket. The current price is $0.4784. Now let’s start with the Fantom Price Prediction

What is Fantom?

Fantom is an open-source, decentralized blockchain platform that offers fast and safe transactions for a minimal cost. Fantom was developed to solve some of the scaling issues with blockchain technology. These include slow transaction speeds, high transaction costs and other limitations.

Fantom is based on a DAG consensus algorithm, called Lachesis. This allows high transaction rates and quick confirmations. Users can receive and send transactions with low transaction fees. This makes it a popular choice for businesses and developers who need fast blockchain solutions.

Fantom supports both smart contracts and fast transactions. Smart contracts are contracts that execute themselves, with terms agreed between the buyer and the seller written directly into the code. It allows the automation of complicated business processes, and the elimination of intermediaries for many transactions.

Fantom can also communicate with and exchange data between other blockchains. This increases its possible use cases. Fantom is backed by an FTM native token, which can be used to pay transaction fees, participate in the network governance and stake for rewards.

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History of Fantom

Fantom was created in 2018 by South Korean computer scientist Dr. Ahn, Byung Ik. Dr. Ahn was previously the co-founder and CTO of South Korean Blockchain project Loopring.

Fantom was developed in the early part of 2018 to create a platform that is fast, scalable and secure. Fantom’s team recognized that existing blockchain technology had limitations and set out to develop a solution.

The Fantom Foundation, established in Singapore in September 2018 to monitor the growth and development of Fantom’s ecosystem. The Foundation’s role is to drive adoption, develop partnerships and fund research and development.

The Fantom mainnet was officially launched in June 2019. This marked a significant milestone for the development of the Fantom project. Launching the mainnet allowed developers to create decentralized applications on the Fantom Platform and users to conduct transactions using the FTM Token.

Fantom has experienced significant growth since its launch. The project has announced several partnerships in 2020 with high-profile projects such as Binance Chainlink and Band Protocol. The project also continues to add new features to its platform. These include the integration of DeFi protocol and a launch of an Ethereum cross-chain interface.

Fantom, today, is a blockchain platform that’s one of the most flexible and scalable available. It has a vibrant ecosystem made up of businesses, developers and users. This project is constantly innovating and expanding its capabilities to become a leader in the industry.

Fantom Price History

Fantom, or FTM as it is also known, was first listed in cryptocurrency exchanges at the end of 2018. Its price has remained stable over several months and fluctuated between $0.003 to $0.007 a token. FTM’s price increased significantly in May 2019 to $0.02 per token.

The price of FTM fluctuated in the months that followed, reaching a high point around $0.04 per unit in August 2019. In 2020, the price of FTM was relatively stable. It traded between $0.01 to $0.03 throughout most of the year.

FTM’s price soared in late 2020 and into early 2021. It reached an all-time peak of $0.93 per FTM in April 2021. The price rise was driven mainly by the increased use of Fantom and the growing popularity of DeFi applications.

FTM has seen some price volatility since then. The token traded between $0.20 to $0.40 in 2021, and into early 2022. The price of FTM can fluctuate rapidly and is affected by market forces. Therefore, it’s best to conduct your own research before investing and to exercise caution.

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Fantom Price Prediction Expert Opinions

Gov Capital

GOV Capital Fantom Forecast predicts that Fantom prices will reach $1.583 by 2023, and $8.369 at the end of the year 2027.

Crypto Predictions

Based on the technical analysis, Fantom’s price forecast for August 2023 is $0.5915. Expected maximum prices are $0.7311 and $0.4971. Fantom has forecasted a price of $0.4971 for the end-of-month.

Price Prediction

FTM is working on many projects that will soon be available. Many new projects will be completed in the next year from the conception phase through to testing. This would result in a bullish forecast of $0.60.

Fantom Price Analysis

FTM’s price at the moment is $0.48. According to recent data, Fantom is ranked 42 in the crypto-ecosystem. Fantom’s circulation supply is 2,784,938,135 with a $1,337.923,688 market cap.

In the past 24 hours, cryptocurrency value dropped by 0.57 percent. Comparing the FTM market capitalization to the previous day, it is clear that this market cap has also decreased.

FTM has been on an upward trend for the past 7 days. It increased by 2.43 percent. Fantom recently showed tremendous potential and now could be a great time to invest.

FTM has lost a staggering average of $0.054 in value over the past month. The sudden fall in price indicates the coin’s current dip and could make it a great investment.

Price changes of 57.29% are estimated for the 90 previous days. Prices ranged from $0.20 minimum to $0.21 maximum.

Fantom’s growth has been impressive in the past four months. We believe, therefore, that segments similar to those of the current market were popular. Fantom’s trading volume increased over the past four months, according to most recent data. Trading volume is a major factor in determining the price.

The coin’s price has risen by 47.07% in the past four months. Its maximum price is around $0.18, and its minimum price, around $0.16.

Fantom Price Prediction

Fantom Price Prediction 2023

The AMBCrypto Analysis suggests that Fantom’s 2023 price should be between $0.52 to $0.78 with an average of FTM at $0.65.

As the market begins to recover from its crypto winter, Bitnation predicts Fantom’s maximum price will be $0.873651. Minimum price expected is $0.582434 and average price around $0.728043.

BitcoinWisdom Fantom’s price forecast 2023 shows a substantial increase during the second half, possibly reaching $0.725785. The rise in price will not be dramatic, as it is with most other cryptos, but will still be slow. It is ambitious to aim for a price of $0.677399, but with the anticipated advancements and collaborations, this is achievable in the future. FTM will be valued at at least $0.580628.

Fantom Price Prediction 2025

According to Wallet Investor the average price for FTM in 2025 will be $0.0211. The low is $0.01056 while the high is $0.0317. The year’s lowest, average and highest prices were $0.00689; $0.0138 and $0.02067 respectively.

The significant rise in coins in the contract is a bullish indicator, an on-chain metric in FTM’s favor. CryptoNewsZ is confident that FTM has gained the trust of industry experts who are convinced the price of FTM can reach $1.51 in 2025, thanks to a robust algorithmic and consistent science.

According to Price Predictions, Fantom’s price is predicted to drop to $1.13 by 2025. The Fantom can be purchased for as little as $1.13 in 2025 and up to $1.41, with an average of $1.16.

Fantom Price Prediction 2030

BitcoinWisdom predicts that Fantom’s price will surpass the previous ATH value and reach new records in 2030. Minimum price is $3.86, maximum $4.10 and average $3.96.

Bitnation predicts that FTM will continue to rise towards $4.27 by 2030. This is based on the market sentiment. Fantom could fall to $3.98 and average $4.13 if it fails to get this kind of support.

CryptoNewsZ estimates that by 2030 the FTM token could reach a maximum of $4.59. This will be the highest price in the entire year. The lowest and highest price could be $3.19, and respectively $3.89.


Is Fantom a good investment?

Most likely, yes. FTM is a long-term and valuable source of income. Using the provided information, you are able to plan your investment wisely. FTM is a good investment for long-term earnings. FTM is not a sure-fire way to become rich fast, but it can bring you benefits.

What is the maximum height of Fantom?

The average Fantom price could be $0.630196 this year. In the next 5 years, Fantom will likely surpass $2.93.

What is the significance of FTM in the market today?

Investor confidence is driving the current price up of FTM. FTM is a product that has proven its value to investors and is well worth their hard-earned cash.

When is a good moment to purchase FTM?

Investors should wait to buy FTM until the next few days after reviewing Fantom’s technical indicators.

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