GunBot, a popular cryptocurrency trading bot, allows you to automate trading on a wide range of pairs in the cryptocurrency market. Either you can create your trading strategy or use one of the pre-made templates included in the trading software. GunBot users have a large community that is constantly sharing their crypto trading strategies with each other. GunBot, unlike other trading bots, is software that must be installed and configured. It’s not a cloud service you can access through your browser. Our GunBot review will help determine if GunBot is the right tool for you.

What’s GunBot?

GunBot is a cryptocurrency trading software that uses a computer algorithm to aid in your cryptocurrency trades. It can be used on the Poloniex trading platform and other similar trading platforms. Gunther de Niro created the original version of this software in December 2016.

It supports eight top cryptocurrency exchanges. It can also run on a specific cryptocurrency exchange to execute trading strategies such as Ping-Pong, Ichimoku and TSSL.

GunBot uses APIs to pull data from any cryptocurrency you choose. Many of the most popular exchanges offer API exchanges so you can access trading services from a third-party app.

GunBot, a cryptocurrency trading bot that can trade BTC and any other pairs, is simple. To decide whether to buy or sell, it uses the highs and lowers. Bollinger bands and other customizable technical tools are used by the tool. GunBot makes active traders, so you can get more Bitcoins than you have in your wallet.

The bot’s main goal is to trade cryptocurrencies on your behalf, using the appropriate platform and taking into account all market factors. It will make an intelligent prediction or guess for you. This could include buying or selling cryptocurrency at a certain price point. GunBot continuously makes profits and trades without you having to do anything.

Some may believe that manual trading is not as efficient as using a bot. However, this is incorrect. A trading bot offers many advantages over manual trading. GunBot can operate 24/7 even if you’re asleep. This is unlike manual trading which is impossible for humans.

GunBot Pricing

GunBot is a unique crypto trading bot because it isn’t sold directly by the company but instead through resellers. Although all resellers charge the same price in crypto (ETH, LTC or DASH), each one offers different customer support and service. It also offers many add-ons and plans.

GunBot Standard (0.05 BTC)

GunBot Pro (0.075 BTC)

GunBot Ultimate (0.125 BTC)

GunBot Settings Pack (0.035 BTC)

Backtesting Add-on (0.013 BTC)

TradingView Add-on (0,05 BTC)

Diamond Pack (0.1 Bitcoin)

GunBot only sells a small number of licenses to the software to keep the market from becoming saturated with users using the same trading strategies. This could give GunBot a competitive edge over other services in the long-term.


GunBot has a lot of indicators and features. It has been a lot of work to ensure that everyone can benefit from the extensive offer, regardless of their skill level. Except for the beginner. Newcomers, it’s hard luck.

A fully automated dynamic grid trading robot is an example. It takes inputs such as the trade amount and maximum buy orders.

This is their latest bot. However, there are more presets. GunBot claims to have over 150 parameters that are customizable for each strategy. It’s not clear how this fits into the hardcoded limit for certain exchanges.

Multiple trailing options, combined with narrow indicators, ensure that traders with great trading skills can use them.

This doesn’t necessarily mean much to most people, but it’s nice to have options even if you don’t use them often.

It can also adjust parameters automatically for bots that are based on additional scripts, codes, and bots. However, this is more work and requires more expertise. If you choose to tackle this task, we wish you success.

Is GunBot easy to use?

Simplicity-complexity opposites require balancing to make a bot profitable and accessible.

GunBot claims that it is tailored to both day traders who are experienced and novices looking to trade cryptocurrencies. However, as you can see, GunBot does not always work this way.

While it does have a simple interface, it is not easy to use.

Instead of using cloud-based technology, manual setup is required and the operating system must be turned on at all times. This is a problem for casual traders. Things quickly get out of control when it comes to the features that can be added to bots.

Apart from a few pre-configs that are basic, most bots need advanced coding skills and trading knowledge to be properly set up and adjusted in order to make money.

Anything but the basics can often prove to be a pit to dump crypto money into for beginners.

If you are new to GunBot, be prepared to read through extensive tutorials and guides as well as wiki articles libraries to get the details.

Pros and Cons

123 available exchangesOnly available for desktop
Lifetime licenseFor traders who are more experienced
Windows, Mac, and Linux Support
Amazing community support
Extremely customizable

Supported exchanges

GunBot supports approximately 11 cryptocurrency exchanges, including:

We feel it is only fair to inform you that not all listed exchanges can support this bot. Before you use a trading bot, it is important to know these details.

Take, for example:


Is GunBot heavy ammo or blanks? The correct answer is somewhere in between.

It does have a lot of useful stuff, but the requirements are too high for even those with a moderate level of experience in crypto trading. Additionally, it has a strange pricing structure that drives away many users.

It almost seems like it is trying to deter casual to mid-level users.

There are also other comprehensive bots that offer a lot of useful features and a lot more.