Huobi Global allows users to trade, buy and sell supported cryptocurrency. You can also earn interest by locking crypto into a pool or staking it to earn crypto airdrops. It currently supports over 350 crypto. More are being added all the time.

To determine if Huobi Global is a good choice for crypto traders and investors, we’re looking at Huobi Global’s platform and fees.

Cryptocurrencies on Huobi

Huobi Global allows trading in more than 400 cryptocurrency and adds new assets regularly to the platform.

Here are some of the most widely traded digital currencies and tokens that you can trade on the platform:

Trading Experience

Huobi Global can be accessed as both a web-based platform or as a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Based on how many Huobi Experience points a user has earned, VIP account tiers are available. EXP is earned based on trading volume and cryptocurrency holdings. A user can upgrade to Advanced or Insider depending on how many EXP they have collected over the past 30 days.

VIP account holders receive a variety of benefits, including gifts and a personal account manager.


Huobi Global charges low fees to trade crypto. However, there are higher fees for purchasing crypto using a debit or credit card. Fiat deposits, such as U.S. Dollars, are free. However, users have to pay trading fees.

Huobi Global Trading Fees

Huobi Global charges fees on a make-taker basis. High-volume traders who hold HT tokens can get discounts. You will pay different fees depending upon whether you are a taker or a maker in the transaction.

Two fee structures are available for trading: one is for professional accounts and one is for general accounts. Professional accounts have a higher trading volume (more than 1,000 BTC per 30 days) and a greater requirement for HT holdings (at least 2000).

Here is a breakdown of every trading schedule on Huobi Global:

Level30 Day Trading VolumeBase Fee RateHT HoldingsFee Rate (in HT)Effective Discount
11000 BTC0.2000%>=10HT0.1800%10%
21000 BTC0.2000%>=100HT0.1600%20%
31000 BTC0.2000%>=500HT0.1200%40%
41000 BTC0.2000%>=1,000HT0.0900%55%
51000 BTC0.2000%>=2,000HT0.0800%60%
61000 BTC0.2000%>=5,000HT0.0700%65%

Professional Trader Fee Structure

Level30 Day Trading Volume (BTC)HT HoldingsMakerTaker
1>=700 BTC>=2,000 HT0.0362%0.0462%
2>=1,000 BTC>=2,000 HT0.0294%0.0420%
3>=3,500 BTC>=2,000 HT0.0294%0.0378%
4>=7,000 BTC>=2,000 HT0.0252%0.0336%
5>=10,000 BTC>=2,000 HT0.0224%0.0308%
6>=15,000 BTC>=2,000 HT0.0210%0.0294%
7>=30,000 BTC>=2,000 HT0.0168%0.0252%
8>=60,000 BTC>=2,000 HT0.0126%0.0210%
9>=100,000. BTC>=2,000 HT0.0097%0.0193%

Huobi Features

Simple User Interface

Huobi’s website, like many other exchanges, is simple to use and balances functionality, visual pleasure, elegance, and style. The trading interface has proper price feeds, charts, and market depth data. This exchange’s professional interface benefits the alternative HADAX crypto-market that accepts smaller tokens or altcoins.

Multiple Order Types

These order types are available on the exchange:

Margin trading in bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin(LTC) is also possible through the platform. There are 5x leverage options and a 0.1% fee for 24 hours.

Flash Trades on Huobi

This feature is the best on Huobi. It includes an order book and a chart index. Flash Trade allows users to test real-time trading volume during times of high volatility.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Huobi is compatible with many platforms, including Mac, Windows and iOS.

Huobi Security

Huobi has strong security measures. It is incorporated in Singapore where crypto regulations are sophisticated and support many blockchain startups. Multiple security mechanisms are available to protect users’ accounts, including 2-factor authentication that is available for SMS and Authenticator apps.

Customer Service

Huobi responds quickly to customer inquiries. It is easy to contact the customer service team. Any trading questions are answered within an hour by the customer service team.

Pros and Cons

Impressive user interfaceLargely unregulated
There are many cryptocurrenciesIt takes a while to verify your identity.
Live chat support available 24/7It is not available in the U.S.


Huobi Global is an excellent exchange for non-U.S. citizens who wish to have access to a wide range of crypto at low fees. You can trade margins and futures, as well lend, stake, or deposit crypto to earn rewards. You can also borrow against your crypto assets.

Despite this, Huobi Global’s negative reviews include concerns about identity verification and inability to withdraw funds. The basic trading view is not ideal for beginners as it includes charts, order books and crypto jargon. Huobi Global is an excellent option for advanced traders. However, beginners might want to consider other options