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One of the things that attracts investors to the crypto industry is the lucrative nature of the industry. Compared to other industries, the crypto industry has made more millionaires than all other industries. This has made the crypto space a breathing ground for both legitimate and scam projects.

Now, the million dollar question is how do you differentiate legitimate crypto projects from the many fraudulent ones? Well, it’s easy. Scam Robot was carefully designed to help our readers easily identify new crypto scams before they could ever lose their hard earned money. Think of Scam Robot as your first line of defense against fraudulent actors looking to swindle you in the crypto space.

Bitcoin has revolutionized the crypto space, providing people a unique opportunity to make some extra bucks on the side. But as with any new technology, there are always malicious actors looking to take advantage of users. At Scam Robot, our goal is to warn users about the so-called crypto scams and signals flooding social media platforms lately.

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What are Crypto Robots and How Do They Work?

Without mincing words, crypto robots are the real deal, especially in a highly volatile crypto space. At Scam Robot, we like to call them the future of trading.

Once only accessible to wealthy investors, crypto robots have now become a mainstream option for retail investors and traders looking for a tool that automates their trading and gives them an edge. With the insane volatility in the crypto space, crypto robots have become the go-to resource for people looking to take advantage of quick market moves.

What makes crypto robots particularly different from other trading tools is the technology powering it. For instance, crypto bots leverage complex algorithms carefully designed to allow traders access and execute trades that would hitherto not be possible without human interaction and manual intervention. On top of that, crypto bots also eliminate potential risks as well as time consuming tasks such as market analysis, research on individual currencies while monitoring the markets 24/7 all year round.

The developers of crypto robots know how crucial it is for traders to be able to automate tedious tasks like technical and fundamental analysis, market research, currency analysis and more, so they have fine tuned their apps to provide impeccable automation to crypto traders.

Unfortunately, despite all of the potentials and promises offered by crypto bots, your chances of coming across a scam bot is pretty high. This is why a website like Scam Robot works around the clock to identify scam auto traders and bring your attention to them. With us providing you with regular updates on scam auto traders, you won’t lose your hard earned money. 

A lot of people are so obsessed with crypto these days that they are constantly looking for crypto projects to add to their investment portfolio. However, even though cryptocurrency has proven to be a lucrative investment, you still need to have a decent understanding of how the crypto industry works before jumping into trading.

If you’re new to crypto trading and investment, rest assured that it won’t be long until scammers come knocking at your door, offering you fake services like crypto robots, with juicy returns and no type of risks. But doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

While it is possible to make a ton of money trading with automated trading systems, as an investor, you need to know that the crypto industry is replete with different scam projects. By knowing this, you’ll do your due diligence not to be lured into any fraudulent crypto schemes.

Most Well Known Scamming Crypto Robots

Are you interested in a legit automated cryptocurrency trading system and have come across automated trading systems like Bitcoin Code, which promises an overwhelming return on your investment? Well, sorry to disappoint you, Bitcoin Code isn’t what it exactly claims to be. There are tons of reviews online suggesting that the app is dubious and fraudulent. 

The sad part is that automated trading systems like Bitcoin Code have paid off many review sites who say a lot of positive things about the bot. On top of that, these review sites endorsing these fake software also act as affiliate marketers, getting hefty commissions from traders who go on to sign up on these dubious automated trading platforms.

Some other popular fake crypto robots you should be aware of include Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Lifestyle, Immediate Profit, Bitcoin Traders, Crypto Superstar, Bitcoin Millionaires, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Profit and more. These unfortunate get rich quick crypto scams are preying on the desperation of broke people, pushing them further into debt.

Finding Legit Automated Trading Crypto Bots

Even though the crypto market is saturated with a lot of fraudulent crypto bots, this is not to say there aren’t legit crypto auto trading systems. As a matter of fact there are over 20 real legitimate crypto bots that have been transparent with their dealings with customers.

Our cardinal responsibility is to find these legit crypto bots, do a detailed review of them and provide you with all the details to steer you in the right direction. Also, since these legit auto trading systems have a demo trading tool, we always recommend that you explore the free demo trading options, before subscribing to these bots.

Before subscribing to any automated trading systems, it’s important to do your own research. But to make your job easy, we have found some legit crypto bots you can start using right away. Some of our best picks include Gunbot (AKA Crypto Bot), BitsGap, 3Commas, Hummingbot, Coinrule, Haas Bot, Wunderbit, Zignaly, Superalgos, and more.

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Regulation and Virtual Exchanges

Crypto robots are one of the biggest things to ever happen to the crypto space. We love them because they provide a new perspective to trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

However, when looking at the regulatory aspects of automated crypto trading systems, it’s always a smart thing to look at these auto trading systems from two different perspectives, 

The first perspective is to look at crypto bots that integrate seamlessly with brokers and exchanges like Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex or Bitmex. Keep in mind that these robo advisors have their own dedicated software, which they have patented. So all you need to do is connect the auto trading system with an exchange that supports it. It’s that easy.

Another perspective is to look at automated crypto trading systems designed to allow users trade cryptocurrencies directly, without any human interference or being linked to a broker.

Crypto Robots are a brilliant technology. What makes them unique is the impeccable technology that powers them. By impeccable technology, we mean artificial intelligence.

Leading crypto companies like 3Commas have some of the most outstanding crypto robots we have come across. Their crypto robots feature some of the best technologies including machine learning technology and AI designed to help traders maximize profits from their investment. From what we have come to realize, the software delivers up to 100% returns per month.

Many people on the quest for financial freedom have found these bots worth giving a try. What’s special about these auto trading systems is that you don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of trading before you can benefit from them. However, before signing up for any crypto trading robot, check your country’s legal jurisdiction so you know whether using crypto trading bots is legal or not.

Types of Crypto Robots: Brokers or Exchanges?

There are two types of crypto robots. The most popular ones have to do with actual investing. What we simply mean here is trading real cryptocurrencies. Basically, this entails buying and selling popular digital currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum in an attempt to make some profit in the price margin. Let’s assume for instance you bought Bitcoin at $19,000 and sell it when it reaches $30,000. You’d have made some profit according to the trade size. 

On the flip side, there are also speculators who would want the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum to go lower so they can maximize their profits on short contracts by shorting these digital assets instead of staying flat like most traders do when buying crypto futures contracts. Just so you know, trading crypto futures contracts is less risky compared to when trading crypto yourself. 

Another thing we would love to add here is that with crypto future contracts, you aren’t trading the actual cryptocurrency. What you’re doing is simply betting on a trend and leaving your preferred crypto robot to do the rest of the job.

Also, keep in mind that the crypto market is saturated with myriads of crypto trading robots who cater to different types of traders. So it’s always a smart move to know exactly what you want before choosing any cryptocurrency trading robot.

Nevertheless, always keep in mind that finding legitimate crypto trading bots can be challenging, especially with the many fakes scattered all over the crypto space. 

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Honesty & Transparency

When choosing an auto trading bot, most people are going to either opt for a transparent and upfront company or a dubious one. While this is what most people will focus on, there are more factors to consider. 

For starters, you want to pay particular attention to where the signal feed originates from. You also need to have a clear understanding of the technology and how it integrates with third-party providers. Even though REST API integration works best when integrated with CRM modules, integrating with XML feeds isn’t also a bad idea.

Unfortunately most people do not understand how these technologies work and are only interested in the ROI that the system promises.

At Scam Robot, we pride ourselves in knowing the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market. As a matter of fact, our team is highly experienced in cryptocurrency trading. With us guiding you every step of the way, you will never go wrong. We are committed to providing you detailed and unbiased crypto robot reviews, such that even a novice can feel confident executing their first trade.

Manual Trading Or Trading Automation?

Trading cryptocurrency can be super challenging and time consuming especially for folks who want to make extra bucks on the side without sweating it. While most old school traders would choose manual trading over automation, there is no denying the fact that trading automation is becoming more appealing than ever before.

For people who don’t have the time and expertise to trade manually, choosing algorithmic trading wouldn’t be a bad decision. If you have always wanted a system that allows you to trade with ease or doesn’t require a lot of effort from you, you won’t go wrong to choose automated trading systems. To be honest, they deliver the best results

The best way to start trade automation is to opt for an online trading platform or system that offers automated trading solutions. Also, it’s best to opt for an online platform with a track record of providing reliable signals from expert traders.

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Pyramid Schemes, High Yield Investment Programs, Fake ICOs, and Faucets

  • Pyramid Schemes have caused millions of people around the world to lose money. And because we care deeply about you, we don’t want you to be a victim. Here is the thing, a Pyramid Scheme often relies on new recruits to keep the system going. Besides being called Pyramid Schemes, they are also referred to as Ponzi Schemes. They are named after Charles Ponzi and Bernard Madoff, two dubious figures who are believed to have started the schemes.  A typical Pyramid Scheme has people hooked by promising them mouthwatering returns. To qualify for these rewards, you’ll be asked to recruit more people under you. While a Pyramid Scheme may appear healthy at first, it is only a matter of time before the system goes bust. Once new recruits stop coming in, there would no longer be enough rewards to give users. It’s also worth noting that it is only people who jump in early that make anything worthwhile, if any.
  • HYIP’s or high yield investment programs as most people know operate pretty much the same, only marketed and distributed differently. Even though Faucets, especially those that offer Satoshi or Bitcoin cents for executing certain tasks like clicking links or responding  ads are legit, unfortunately, because of the many scams being perpetrated in the space, many Faucet owners do the hard work and end up not being paid. The reason for this is that many fraudulent high yield investment programs prey on people’s lack of knowledge on how cryptocurrency or Bitcoin works. 
  • ICO, a short acronym for initial coin offering, used to be very popular in the cryptocurrency space. This marketing endeavor typically asks people to invest in a particular cryptocurrency project before it is unveiled for public sale. While ICOs have been used by tons of crypto projects to raise capital for their project, more often than not, ICO investors find themselves with nothing more than an empty wallet after investing their hard earned money into fraudulent schemes. 
One thing you should be aware of is that most scams have a peculiar similarity, Human greed” Sure, cryptocurrency investment provides exciting returns to investors, but if you get tempted by Make Money Quick schemes and the likes, it is only a matter of time before your investment vanishes and we are sure you wouldn’t like that. Before putting your money into any cryptocurrency schemes or robots, make sure to do your due diligence.  Our highly experienced team at have invested so much time into research to help screen out all of the fraudulent and questionable cryptocurrency robots that are designed to rip users off. Any crypto robot that isn’t providing any viable solution that helps users make money trading digital assets online, will be featured on our list.  Besides exposing fake robots, our team will also provide an honest and unbiased review of legit robots that seamlessly integrate with crypto exchanges and help users make money.  If you ever come across a crypto robot that seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

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Frequently asked Questions

Is trading robot legit?

While the crypto space is saturated with a lot of dubious crypto projects and bots, there is no denying that crypto trading robots have made a lot of people millionaires. But before opting for any crypto trading robot, ensure you do your due diligence. And if you’re looking for assistance to choose the best crypto robot, you can always trust Scam Robot to provide you with valuable information. 

How successful is a trading bot?

Crypto trading robots have lived up to their lofty promises and hype. Powered by complex algorithms and artificial intelligence, legit crypto robots deliver tremendous returns on investment. For instance, you can make between 0.6% to 1% profits in a low volatility market. Overall, you can expect the best crypto trading robust to deliver between 20% returns or more every month.

Is trading bot risky?

Even though crypto trading bots have proven to be successful, there is no denying the fact that they have their own risks. To start with, crypto trading is known for its insane volatility and you’ll always have your bad days. So despite crypto bots promising decent returns on investment, you’ll sometimes make losses.