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We are the auto-trading ombudsman! is the go-to source for anyone looking to get ahead in this lucrative industry, but with so many frauds and scams out there how do you know which ones are legitimate? Scam Robot was designed first and foremost to help readers identify new crypto schemes before they could ever lose their hard earned money!

It’s a time of great prosperity and rapid growth for Bitcoin, but as with any new technology that is well-publicized there are always those who want to take advantage. Be wary of so called crypto scams like the ones our diligent researchers uncover through in depth research on fake cryptocurrency robots or signals which have been flooding social media platforms lately.

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What are Crypto Robots and How Do They Work?

Crypto robots are the future of trading. Once only available to wealthy investors, crypto robots have become a more mainstream option for traders seeking an automated way to trade and make profits from cryptocurrencies in today’s marketplace. These new-age bots take advantage of advanced algorithms which allow them access into trades that would not be possible otherwise without manual intervention or human interaction on behalf of the trader – eliminating both potential risks as well as time consuming tasks such as research on individual currencies themselves, monitoring markets 24/7 365 days per year with no downtime whatsoever! The developers behind these innovative programs also understand how much their apps can save traders by automating tedious processes (e.g., currency risk management) so they focus their efforts exclusively towards those areas where automation really can help.

However, your chance of coming across a scammer is higher than you would think. But don’t worry, for in our reviews we will be providing you with a list of scam auto-traders!

A lot people are obsessed in Bitcoin nowadays and investing it as part their investment portfolio but there’s alot that needs understanding before jumping into cryptocurrency trading so please read on if interested. It does not take long at all until scam artists start offering fake services like ‘crypto robots’ promising huge amounts without any risk which sounds too good to be true – even though it probably is! Investors need to know what kind of scams exist and how one could possibly get lured into buying something from an online promoter or dirty

Most Well Known Scamming Crypto Robots

If you’re looking for an automated cryptocurrency trading system, Bitcoin Code is not the one. This app has been responsible for deceiving and misleading hundreds of innocent traders who were just trying to cash in on a legit crypto application. Not only does this fake software have prominent review sites endorsing it as well but these reviews sites are also acting as affiliate marketers collecting hefty commissions from referring customers.

Additional fake crypto robots include Bitcoin Lifestyle, Bitcoin Loophole, Crypto Superstar, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Millionaire, Bitcoin Trader, Immediate Profit, Bitcoin Profit and more. All these dirty get-rich-quick crypto scams are directly responsible for making broke desperate people more in debt.

Finding Legit Automated Trading Crypto Bots

There are over 20 real legitimate cryptocurrency robots that are transparent with their company information. Information on their founders and how they work is readily available for the public. Our aim is to find these bots and review them for you so that we can steer you in the right direction. It’s up to you to then try the free demos of these trading platforms before making a choice on which bot works best for you. It’s always important to do your own research.Some of the most trusted legit crypto bots that integrate with crypto exchanges are: 3commas, Gunbot (AKA Crypto Bot), Haas Bot, Zenbot, Zignaly, BitsGap, Hummingbot, Superalgos, Coinrule, Wunderbit, and more.

Read about our top recommended trading robots for 2022

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Regulation and Virtual Exchanges

Crypto robots are interesting because they offer a new way to invest in and trade cryptocurrencies. When examining the regulatory aspects of crypto robot systems, it is smart to look at them from two different perspectives. The first has to do with bots that integrate well with brokers while trading on exchanges such as Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex or Bitmex; these types of robo-advisors generally have their own proprietary software which isn’t patented so all you need is an account connected directly through one type exchange like Binance if they’re compatible. Another perspective looks at those robots which actually trade cryptocurrency themselves without any human interface (no broker).

Robots are a new technology that can function with the power of artificial intelligence. Companies like 3Commas offer robots as tools to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in order for their clients to maximize profits on investments, often up to 100% per month. The use of these bots is becoming popular among those who want financial freedom without having much knowledge about trading or investing themselves – but before you sign up, check your country’s legal jurisdiction because there may be laws against it!

Types of Crypto Robots: Brokers or Exchanges?

There are two types of robots. The first have to do with the actual investing aspect and trade real cryptocurrencies, meaning they buy and sell bitcoin in an attempt to make profit in the price margins. For example, if you buy BTC at $19,000 and sell it at $30,000 then you made a profit according to the trade size. 

However speculators also exist who want Bitcoin or Ethereum prices go down so that they can maximize their profits on short contracts by betting against them going up instead of staying flat like most people think will happen when buying crypto futures contract from brokerages for lower costs than actually trading cryptocurrency yourself because there’s less risk involved especially when your brokerage account is insured.

In other words, you are not trading the actual currency but instead betting on a trend and letting your chosen crypto robot act as an intermediary. There is a plethora of bitcoin or cryptocurrency robots out there that cater to both types of traders, which makes it smart for any person who wishes to trade in this market space try their hand at one before choosing with confidence. It’s tough finding legitimate automated programs though since many fake bots have been marketed by affiliate marketers.

Read about our top recommended trading robots for 2022

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Honesty & Transparency

When it comes to being transparent, the systems you choose for your company are often either upfront and transparent or dubious. However, there is a little more nuance than that; partnering with the best software means understanding various factors such as where does this signal feed originate from? What type of technology should we deploy to integrate well with third party providers? Usually REST API integration is what will work best if integrating CRM modules but they can also be integrated via XML feeds – and most people don’t understand how these technologies works so just want results quickly without considering ROI much at all!

We know the online cryptocurrency market like the back of our hands. Our team are experts in every aspect of crypto trading and we’re here to help guide your way through this complex world with our detailed crypto robot reviews, so that even a beginner can feel confident choosing their first trade.

Manual Trading Or Trading Automation?

Trading cryptocurrencies has been a confusing, time-consuming task for those who just want to turn their money into more. Fortunately, this is the question we constantly get asked and there’s an easy answer: Most people don’t have enough time or expertise available to trade manually so they need algorithmic trading instead. Some members of our group are looking for ways that allow them total control over their trades while others are happy with ease of use when executing profitable transactions consistently.

The best way to invest now will be through an online platform that offers automated trading solutions, as well as reliable signals from expert traders.

Read about our top recommended trading robots for 2022

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Pyramid Schemes, High Yield Investment Programs, Fake ICOs, and Faucets

  • A pyramid scheme is a scam that relies on new recruits to keep the scheme going. They are often referred to as Ponzi schemes, after Charles Ponzi and Bernard Madoff who both ran them. A typical pyramid system will get you hooked by promising high returns for little money up front in exchange for your help recruiting more people into the system under you – but before long it’ll be clear there’s no way they can pay out everyone their promised return while still keeping enough of an investment pool alive so when too many investors withdraw all at once, it goes bust with only early-recruits being left holding anything worth having (if any).
  • HYIP’s or high yield investment programs operate in a similar way just marketed and distributed differently. Faucets, which offer Satoshi or “Bitcoin cents” for performing certain tasks like clicking links and responding to ads can be legit but most faucet owners end up doing work without getting paid what they were promised due to scams that prey on these people’s lack of knowledge about how Bitcoin works.
  • ICO – short for initial coin offering which asks people to invest in the currency being offered before its public release date. All too often though, one finds themselves with nothing more than empty pockets after investing their money into something fraudulent or not legitimate.

What do all these scams share? Human greed! And while you may be tempted by schemes such as “make-money quick” methods and other get rich pronto types of things, make sure that you read our reviews first. has taken the time to carefully screen all of those fake cryptocurrencies robots that are designed for personal benefit instead of providing a viable solution which helps you make money trading crypto online. We expose fake robots and review legit robots that actually integrate with cryptocurrency exchanges or share with you CFD trading platforms where you can trade cryptocurrencies without owning the underlying crypto assets.

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