BitKeep Wallet, a digital wallet, aims to address these issues by offering a multi-chain decentralized solution for digital asset storage and use. BitKeep is a digital wallet that requires only a mnemonic phrase to access over 220,000 tokens on 70+ chains. The average crypto user is always looking for better ways to store, buy, and sell their coins.

Today’s crypto users don’t want to have multiple wallets for all the tokens they use in their DeFi space.

Because a single company can manage many digital assets, centralization can also be a problem. This leaves many security loopholes. A centralized digital wallet can be managed, which can lead to funds being lost.

The wallet also offers the world’s easiest dApp store, NFT marketplace and a complete decentralized exchange (decentralized exchange) that can offer powerful swap features.

What is BitKeep Wallet?

BitKeep, Asia’s top digital multi-chain wallet, integrates Wallet, Swap, NFT Market, DApp, and Discover into a single location. It has a user base of almost five million in 168 countries and regions. BitKeep is an authorized wallet for multiple top 30 mainnets. The wallet supports 70+ mainnets, 10,000+ DApps (1,000,000+ NFTs), and 220,000+ tokens. It is committed to building the largest Web3.0 gateway in the world.

BitKeep is a partner of major mainnets and offers a wide range of services, including mainnet launch, DEX support, DApp support, NFT management, all platform traffic support, large-scale campaign support, and DApp support.

BitKeep NFT Market is an aggregated NFT market that allows third-party orders to be listed without the NFT being locked. Currently, NFTs are supported on ETH and BSC as well as HECO and Polygon. There are no plug-ins required; BitKeep NFT Market provides all transaction services.

BitKeep Features

Digital Wallet

BitKeep’s most popular feature is its digital wallet. The digital wallet currently supports nearly 6 million users in 168 countries. It supports more than 200,000 assets and can be used on both iOS and Android. BitKeep is a reliable DeFi wallet, which makes it easy for both beginners and experts.

BitKeep Wallet NFT Marketplace

BitKeep’s NFT marketplace allows you to seamlessly trade, buy and sell digital assets. This marketplace has a unique search feature that allows you to combine NFTs from multiple blockchains and multiple NFT marketplaces in the DeFi sector. It makes it easy to locate the NFT you are looking for. The wallet supports multiple coins so you can trade and buy NFTs with any cryptocurrency or token.

BitKeep DEX

BitKeep has a DEX for DeFi traders that supports many tokens. BitKeep isn’t as popular as Uniswap but you can swap tokens using InstantGas and even swap tokens without fees. Remember the 2% spread. The BitKeep DEX swap feature makes it easy and quick to trade DeFi tokens.

Benefits of BitKeep Wallet

Two-Factor Authentication

When you read BitKeep user reviews, one of the most obvious things that you will notice is that the wallet uses 2FA (or two-factor authentication). Although this is a standard practice in the industry, it is a highly effective security measure.

2FA gives you the assurance that even if someone did break into your wallet there would be another layer of security they could not bypass. This extra layer of protection could be in the form of an email, SMS or Google Authenticator verification.

2FA is a standard practice in the industry. This is particularly true when it comes to hot wallets, which are cryptocurrency wallets built on a software design and that keep an ongoing connection to the internet.

Open-Source Codes

This is one of the strongest arguments you will find if you are looking for BitKeep Wallet reviews to determine if BitKeep is legitimate.

Open-source code is used to create the cryptocurrency wallet. This basically means that anyone can access the code and make changes to it. Third-party developers with expertise in crypto-related programming can contribute to the wallet’s development by making improvements and pitching for updates.

While open-source code is often overlooked by users, it is an important aspect to consider when choosing the best crypto wallet.

Multi-platform Accessibility

If you’ve read the review to this point and think that you love it, but then discover that it isn’t compatible with your device, that would be a major bummer.

The BitKeep token wallet can be used on all major platforms. You can use the wallet on iOS, Android, and a Google Chrome extension.

This means that BitKeep is not a wallet for devices. The Chrome version of BitKeep is best if you prefer to do your crypto work on your own computer. If you prefer to access your assets from anywhere, the mobile version of the wallet is just as good, if perhaps better.

BitKeep uses a “mnemonic password”. This security feature allows you to manage multiple wallets from one account. All wallets must share the same private key.


BitKeep Wallet is safe to use because it is a digital wallet that is not custodial. This means that only you have access to your private keys. The platform also uses advanced security measures like 2FA and a unique DESM algorithm in order to protect digital assets.

The recovery phrase ensures that your BitKeep wallet is safe, even if it is lost or compromised.

BitKeep Wallet also uses open-source software so anyone can verify the code and ensure everything is legitimate. BitKeep is an excellent wallet for security.

BitKeep is a hot wallet. It’s important that you only install it on trusted devices and free from malware.

Potential downsides

We’ve covered all the features of the wallet throughout this review – they are many.

This is, in essence, a wonderful thing. You should be able, at minimum, to access any area of the crypto-world you are interested in from the BitKeep wallet app.

However, there are some drawbacks to this wallet. The wallet may not be easy to access and use if you have never used a cryptocurrency wallet before.

BitKeep Wallet Supported Cryptocurrencies & Chains

BitKeep supports hundreds, if not thousands, of assets in more than 70 chains, which includes the most popular 30 chains. It is a market leader in this area, with few competitors in terms of the number of supported chains. The app supports more than 10,000 dApps.

BitKeep supports multiple digital assets and chains, and has attracted over 6 million users around the world. It is continually expanding its functionality and features to meet the growing needs of its user base.

Here are just a few of the supported blockchains by BitKeep.

BitKeep currently does not support Cardano (ADA) which is surprising given the wide range of supported coins. Bitcoin functionality is also limited, as there are no built-in buy/sell or swaps.