Superalgos, a free and open-source platform for infrastructure development, is managed by a community of traders. It’s a trading intelligence platform, according to the main page. The platform is used by traders to create automated crypto trading robots. It’s not an easy plug-and-play tool that you can learn in a matter of hours. Therefore, it’s not for traders with no trading skills.

Technical users have access to all the critical components of cryptocurrency trading automation within a visual scripting environment. This review will discuss the platform’s features, pros and cons, as well as exchange compatibility.

How does Superalgos work?

Let’s now discuss its functionality. We are provided with more than 20 pages of information, claims and features by the developers about the system.

Superalgos Pricing

It is a free-use crypto trading bot. Superalgos is also free to install from Github, so its features are available to all users.

Pros and Cons



Exchanges supported by Superalgos

Superalgos supports over 120 exchanges. Some of them are as follows:


Superalgos is a trading platform that connects bots and allows for the development of trading solutions. This presentation gives us all the information we need about the system and how it works. It also outlines some of the challenges that we might face if we join. The presentation does not include trading results or backtest reports.

Superalgos is better suited for professional traders who have a solid understanding of programming languages and market experience. While they offer tutorials and documentation for easier use, this does not guarantee profitability. Superalgos is accessible to beginners. This also allows investors to configure their codes in a way that suits market conditions.