TradeSanta, a cloud-based software that automates trading strategies across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, is available. Although it was released in 2018, it didn’t gain much traction until 2019.

TradeSanta is a useful tool if you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies, but don’t have the time or patience to do so manually. TradeSanta’s cryptocurrency trading bot executes trades for you by following the settings that you selected when creating your bot. TradeSanta automates trades and eliminates the need for you to do them manually. To scale your trading, you can create as many trading bots and as many trading strategies as you like.

TradeSanta is easy to use and supports most of the major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Each bot executes one strategy by plugging into a selected cryptocurrency exchange and trading a preset currency pair.

What’s TradeSanta?

TradeSanta, a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform, automates your strategy to generate passive income.

Automatic trading software allows you to convert your manual trading approach into an automated trading program that can trade coins 24/7. If your trading strategy isn’t sound, you could lose your money.

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Trading with financial instruments carries high level of risks that is not suitable for all investors. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisor to ensure you understand the risks involved.

TradeSanta Time in Business

TradeSanta was first introduced in 2018. TradeSanta gained significant attention in the cryptocurrency community in 2019.

Trade Santa automates cryptocurrency trading for its customers.

The bot will follow the pre-set instructions and trade according market trend. This allows users to concentrate on more important aspects of their life.

TradeSanta is entirely online and uses cloud computing to facilitate its interface.

TradeSanta Reputation

TradeSanta was created to recognize the growing importance of cryptocurrency.

It is due to skilled traders who have successfully transitioned from traditional assets into cryptocurrency markets. To trade in cryptocurrency traders need to have access more advanced trading software.

Long-term TradeSanta users cannot access information or reviews.

TradeSanta has been a leader in this industry due to its intuitive interface. Experienced traders may find this a problem.

TradeSanta Exchanges Supported

TradingSanta can be used with all popular exchanges.

TradeSanta allows you to trade a variety cryptocurrencies.

Trading robot is constantly adding new exchanges. It will soon add BitMEX as a support exchange to its listing.

TradeSanta Pricing Plans

TradeSanta provides different pricing plans for its users just as other trading bots that use cryptocurrency.

You have many options.

Basic Plan

Advanced Plan

Maximum Plan

TradeSanta offers a competitive pricing structure in comparison to other services. It is possible for casual day traders to be discouraged from signing up for higher-priced plans, as bots are what distinguish these plans.

TradeSanta doesn’t see this issue as a problem at the moment. Every signup is necessary for this new service. This phase of the company’s marketing strategy, which includes low-priced services, is one of its most effective.

TradingSanta is easily used

TradeSanta may be best known for its ability to channel traditional day trading interfaces.

This cloud service interface is very similar with traditional download tools Day traders interested in cryptocurrency trading, will love it.

TradeSanta’s website design and UI are well-suited to cover the various settings that TradeSanta provides.

TradeSanta’s interface makes it easy for people who have used other programs before.

TradeSanta Settings

TradeSanta offers many strategies and settings. A tutorial may be useful for those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency trading bots.

TradeSanta offers a tutorial section for each segment of its website. TradeSanta’s software is professional-grade and makes it simple for those who find it difficult.

TradingSanta provides some of the most well-known strategies, including but not limited to:

TradeSanta is simple to use for beginners and experts. It is easy to create signals and indicators, and then take the actions you want with pre-made templates.

TradeSanta Security

Trade Santa connects with cryptocurrency exchanges via APIs. To prevent withdrawals, you should limit access to its APIs.

TradeSanta API cannot withdraw your funds. This is safer as your funds are not transferred without your consent.

TradeSanta offers two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your account. You must verify your identity with multiple devices before you can log into your account.

TradeSanta Customer Support

Although there is an option to chat live on the official website it can take a while for them to respond. There is much to be done on the FAQ page.

Security features information is not accessible on the FAQ page. However, it is published in a separate blog post. This can make it more difficult to find the information that you require and may confuse new users.

These minor issues may require you to speak with an expert if you’re new to trading bots.

TradeSanta Alternatives

Tradesanta might not be your preferred trading platform.

Every service has its own pricing structure. You should read user reviews before creating your first bot.

TradeSanta’s Profitability

TradeSanta is compliant with industry standards, but it doesn’t guarantee that it will make users rich. These are just some of the TradeSanta features that can help day traders make their daily lives easier.

TradeSanta has a mission to serve people. It is successful because it is knowledgeable in day trading’s unpredictable nature, and the potential profits and losses it can bring.

TradeSanta is a great tool for day traders, novices and experts.

Be focused on the features, ease-of-use and results.

TradeSanta Review: Conclusion – It’s Legit

TradeSanta is a fast and free way to automate your trading strategy.

You don’t have to pay immediately to determine if automation is right. The results will be available for you to evaluate.

What are the obvious benefits of this approach?

TradeSanta’s team believes that automated trading has the greatest advantage because you don’t have to keep updating your charts all the time.

You can relax and allow yourself to concentrate on other business pursuits, get some sleep, or just enjoy some well-deserved leisure.

Transparent analytics provide insight into the performance of a user’s strategies, while real-time tracking makes sure traders get updates when they are most needed. Telegram notifications give alerts for urgent actions.

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