Pionex, the first cryptocurrency exchange to have built-in automated trading robots, was launched in 2019. It has grown to become an international platform. Traders have 16 trading bots available for free. They allow them to automate trading.

Pionex, a well-established broker with more than 100,000 active clients monthly, handles $5 billion worth of trading volume each month. Pionex also offers innovative mobile apps and competitive trading fees, making it an ideal solution for investors who trade large volumes while on the move.

Automating your investment strategy with in-built trading robots eliminates the need to constantly monitor the market.

How Pionex works

Pionex is more than just another cryptocurrency exchange. It provides tools for creating customisable automated strategies using free bots. Pionex provides 12 trading bots for free to both novice and experienced traders. API key trading is a great way to reduce the need for market monitoring 24/7.

Bots can be complex and require programming knowledge from clients. Pionex bots have this advantage: they don’t need to be set up. Copy trading can be used to follow the top investors’ bots.

Pionex features explained

There are many leading robots available:

To find the right Pionex bot for your trading strategy, check out the tutorials on their website.

Pionex pricing format

Pionex bots are free. This is the main attraction. Pionex’s bots come with no monthly subscription fees, one-time charges, or hidden taxes. This is more difficult than you might think.

Pionex, a cryptocurrency exchange, makes money through exchange-related fees.

Each transaction is charged 0.05%. There’s also a fixed fee for withdrawing different coins or tokens. A complete list can be found on their official site.

Pros and Cons

12 trading bots that are free to useAccount cannot be funded with fiat currency
All transactions subject to low fees
Mobile offering designed well


Pionex is the best trading platform for beginners. There are no API Keys required, no monthly subscription fees, and trading fees of 0.05% or less.

Pionex is easy to use. The team believes in mobile-friendly design and has put a lot into making this app great.

Pionex, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, is ideal for beginners to automated trading. The bots are explained in detail and you will be able to understand what each one does. You will find orders filled quickly due to the large liquidity and 120+ coins.

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