It is always nice to have the freedom to control your crypto trading bot’s logic. More manoeuvrability usually means more options, and better performance (usually). But when is too much liberty? Let’s take a look at Trality to see what it looks like. The crypto market is one the most exciting financial ventures an individual can participate in.

The cryptocurrency trade is a young and thriving industry. It has attracted many day traders. Due to its rapid growth, it can be prone to drastic changes that could bring you wealth or wipe out all your investments.

This dangerous maze can only be navigated with the right tools, which in this instance are crypto trading bots.

As a trader, you will have more options and features to respond to changing conditions. To be successful in crypto trading, you must stay on top of all developments.

However, cryptocurrency traders are often new to the subject.

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Trading with financial instruments carries high level of risks that is not suitable for all investors. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisor to ensure you understand the risks involved.

A complex, top-to-bottom approach to creating your own trade automation software is only possible for a select few crypto traders who have a lot of experience and expertise.

It is essential that a bot works well for all levels of players.

Trailty is a cryptocurrency trading automation software. It’s not a bot but it can help you create one.

What are we to make of it? It is a magical solution that will transform your trading logic into an executable code. Or is it just another mess that will only increase your confusion and convince you that crypto trading is not for you? Trality is a viable trading automation tool?

How does Trality work?


It’s easy to register: visit Trality, sign up, and then click on the confirm link.

Make a Bot

It is a tedious and time-consuming process to create your bot. Trality offers tutorials on both the Rule Builder and Code Editor to help ease the burden.

Connect Exchange

Go to the settings menu, and then add your exchange account to which you would like your future bots trade. Live-trading will require your API key.

Start Trading

It’s as easy as clicking on the “start bot button” button at the top-right corner of the interface.

Trality’s help page “Getting started” can assist you with any questions or problems.


Code Editor

Trality’s breakthrough is the Code Editor, which allows for the creation of bots. Trality claims it is the only company to offer a browser-based Python editor that can be used for trading bots.

This allows Python-savvy users to use their programming skills and create complex strategies quickly and securely.

The Code Editor also includes a debugger, popular libraries like NumPy and Pandas, Tulip,TAlib etc. You can choose one of the pre-prepared bot templates as a starting point for your trading bot.

Rule Builder

Trality, on the other hand, has the Rule Builder. This interface is a Drag and Drop interface that allows people to use algorithmic crypto trading, even if they aren’t into coding.

The Rule Builder allows you to create flexible bots by using boolean logic.

The bot’s trading logic can be created simply by placing indicators or strategies in the appropriate order. Future customization is possible with a variety of predefined strategies.

Paper trading and backtesting

Trality’s unique selling point is the ability to slowly become accustomed to algorithmic trading.

A good backtesting is essential in order to create a profitable cryptocurrency bot. The platform appears to have succeeded in this area.

After several tries, Trality’s backtesting tool worked noticeably fast. This is probably due to the implementation in-browser. The backtesting speed is remarkable considering the availability of tons of historical data right down to the minute candles.

The backtesting tool itself is flexible. You can choose different scenarios and time frames to test against the algorithm.

Another useful feature is the ability to record all backtest history so that you can return to the most profitable settings at any time. The algorithm can be sent to paper trading for a forward test before it enters live-trading.

What is the cost of using Trality?

Trality offers 4 subscription plans with different features and a variety of pricing options. Trality’s four subscription plans have different pricing and each plan includes the Pawn service. All plans include unlimited and free backtesting, live-trading, and paper-trading.

Below are the different payment options and offerings offered by Trality.

CostNo costEUR9.99 ($12.10)EUR39.99 ($48.40)EUR59.99 ($72.60)
Trading Volume QuotaEUR5,000 ($6,050)EUR25,000 ($30,250)EUR250,000 ($302,500)Unlimitable
Smallest tick interval1hr1hr5m1m
# Live and virtual bots12510
Log retention1 Week1 Month6 MonthsUnlimitable

Each payment plan listed on Trality’s website was priced in euros. The current EUR/USD exchange rate was 1.21 to convert the cost into U.S. Dollars for placement in the table.

Below are the additional parameters of the plan as listed in this table.

Pros and Cons

Tools for both coders as well as non-codersThere is no mobile app yet
End-to-end encryptionThe most well-known exchanges, but requires more
User interface that is interactive, graphic-based and easy to use
Completely cloud-based system

Supported Exchanges

Once a bot has been created and tested, it can immediately be deployed to live-trade on any of the growing number of crypto exchanges. Trality currently supports 4 exchanges.

Trality Review: What’s your verdict?

What do we think of Trality? It is software that automates crypto trades, but not in a way regular day traders would expect.

It’s software that creates software. A script factory. A meta-bot that uses Python allows you to create a bot.

Although a great idea, it is a bit awkward to execute. The end result will be that beginners will remain confused while experts will continue to search for something more powerful.

Trality is not well-reviewed online. It is quite an obscure or niche product, so you won’t want to miss it.

There are many better options and real crypto trading bots available that can help you, whether you’re just starting out or looking to maximize the performance of your crypto bot. These bots include Quadency and Bitsgap.

You won’t have to spend hours switching to the platform.

Give them a try, and don’t forget to give Trality a big slap on the back. Better luck next time!

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