How can you make it in today’s cryptocurrency market? You can do this by choosing the right crypto trading tool or a crypto bot. Of course, not all bots get the profits flowing in. How do you determine which bot is profitable? Is Hummingbot one?

Traveling and trading crypto have a lot in common. It’s possible to do it all yourself without the need for any special tools other than your legs. This is fine as long as you don’t expect to travel far or fast. You need to be able to move quickly to get distances covered.

Walking is great for your health but not if you are looking to walk a lot and keep up with others. This is also true for crypto trading. Although you can easily get into the market with no special tools, it is not possible to make a serious profit or establish a career from it.

A crypto bot can reduce the time it takes to find deals and execute them. Bots are also able to work from anywhere, and do not require lunch breaks.

A cryptobot makes manual trading seem more like a hobby than a job. The right trading bot is essential. This review asks the difficult question: Is Hummingbot the right trade bot?

How to use Hummingbot

Enter “connect” without the quotation marks and a list of exchanges along with their connector status will appear. Enter “connect” and the name of your chosen exchange to connect to it. After that, you’ll need your API key.

To automate market-making, we need to create a bot.


Hummingbot’s current version includes many simple and advanced features. There are more in the future.

What is the cost of using Hummingbot?

This software is accessible to many because it’s free. Using it costs nothing and has a strong reputation. It is open source and you can download it directly from the official site. It will be free from viruses and other malicious elements that you should worry about.

This application is simple, open-source and free of charge. They can easily access crypto markets and participate in them. It also streamlines their bot operations.

Exchanges supported by Hummingbot

There are many prominent exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Binance, Kraken, Liquid and Bittrex. This application also has connections to Huobi, KuCoin and Radar Relay. As the application progresses, you will also see that there will be more entities.

It is possible to link accounts with these entities to the bot application using an API.

These exchanges offer centralization and decentralisation. These entities are also in association with high-profile brands and are big hitters in their industry. Many people love and appreciate these entities for their unique offerings.

Hummingbot is not afraid to offer a variety of liquid entities, so you can take part and have little difficulty with liquidity.


Let’s return to the original question in the review: Is Hummingbot safe, stable, and profitable? It is not an easy answer. Although it has many advantages over its competitors, it is difficult to use and requires severe technical skills that make it impossible for most of us to use. A trading bot that is not usable loses its potential value as a trader.

Can this review ultimately recommend Hummingbot for a majority day traders? The definitive answer is no.

Hummingbot’s potential benefits outweigh the requirements. It is too costly to provide little return.

It would be a mistake to assume that all trading automation software is easy to learn or has complex tech requirements. As an example, take Bitsgap and Pionex. They are less tech-intensive and offer an incomparable ease of use and accessibility.

Pionex and Bitsgap make Hummingbot useless by their extensive support for beginners, premade bots, high performance potential, and powerful editors that allow for the creation of new features.

Do you really need to worry about the details when software is so much simpler? Exactly.