How can automation increase crypto trading? And can bots really improve your profitability margins. A good bot will be worth its code in gold. However, a poor bot can result in financial ruin for your business. How does HaasOnline perform on this scale of success? We’ll find out soon.

The majority of novice traders regard trading bots as miracle-workers. Your endless source of income will be set up by simply entering a few lines code. This is not correct, it’s obvious.

In reality, trading robots are just a tool that automates your trading logic. We are all imperfect traders. Our needs for rest, sleep, emotion, and freedom from the exchanges limit us as traders.

Bots, on other hand, do not have such limitations. Additionally, they can be connected and can take actions in a matter of seconds. You can “teach” a good trading robot and your trading process will result in 24/7 presence with lightning-fast decisions making. This phenomenon has transformed cryptocurrency trading as we understand it today.

It is possible to rent, borrow or buy logic from other traders that has been pre-built with the trading bot. With enough experience, you can create your own scripts within parameters set by the trading platform.

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Cryptocurrency assets are volatile in nature. Buy and trade at your own risk.







73% of retail investor accounts lose money trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.







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Trading with financial instruments carries high level of risks that is not suitable for all investors. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisor to ensure you understand the risks involved.

HaasOnline supports these methods and claims that it can provide all the logistics needed for crypto trading, regardless of your level of programming or trading experience.

Let’s examine if HaasOnline can be trusted to trade.

What is HaasOnline bot and how can it help you?

Officially known by the HaasOnline Forex Server (HTS), it automates cryptocurrency transactions for its users. It was created in 2014 and is a well-known solution for active crypto speculation.

This service is accessible via a desktop application. You can download the application from this official website. Once the application has been installed, it runs as a programme on your computer.

HaasOnline’s solutions make it possible for traders to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. This is possible thanks to preset functions, which allow the trading robot to analyze trends and take appropriate decisions.

This ensures that the software is able to automatically execute orders, while still maintaining a market overview.

Trades could be done faster and more efficiently by traders who don’t have to concentrate on one particular market. Set your bots up to trade in specific markets. This allows you to acquire and then dispose of cryptocurrency at certain conditions while away from your desks.

HaasOnline is capable of automating both selling and purchasing orders on the cryptocurrency market. The software also offers traders higher functionality and more options for speculation.

How HaasBot Works

HaasOnline: Pros and cons

There are many strategies to choose fromNot for beginners
High performanceHigh technical barrier
Privacy and security are the key focusPremium pricing

Pricing on HaasOnline


Costs for beginners.12 BTC for one year. It is an excellent starting point for Haasbots, safety, and indicators.

The main aspect that we found is that it blocks access to certain Haasbots (e.g., the Flash Crash Bot and Zone Recovery Bot).

These are not available to the general public, but they are limited for experts to avoid temptation to play with fire.


Simple is the next level up, and it’s 0.2 BTC/year. This covers the majority traders.

You’ll find tools and bots that are as good or better than those offered by your competitors.

This plan has a quarterly cost of 0.07 BTC. That is still very reasonable when compared to other plans.


Advanced level costs 0.32 BTC. You can access the Haasbot full license here. The Haasonline software suite remains unlocked.

Select traders who have mastered advanced trading techniques are allowed to profit and practice.

What features does Haasonline have?

What makes HaasBot different?

According to their own statements on the website, the service offers these:

Users can create, backtest and deploy automated trading strategies on cryptocurrency exchanges within minutes.

In order to maintain the highest standard of technology, trading bots are continually being developed. For the Haas Bot, there has been only one update (Script 2.0).

HaasOnline strives to make trading easy. But what are other benefits that the crypto trading program offers?

Haas Bot: Advantages

Let’s take the opportunity to look at some of these “benefits”.

Backtesting Historical and Real-Time

It’s a really useful feature. It is something that every trading robot should have. This allows you to view and test the settings of your bot in real time, or back in the past. This lets you see how your bot performs and would have performed if you had the settings.

Indicators. Safeties. Insurances

HaasOnline offers additional trading indicators and hedges to make the coins trade even more secure. That’s what it takes! Configuring Trading Bots can be difficult for beginners. These hedges are very beneficial.

Haas Bot supports more exchanges than any other, and offers 12 settings of “insurance”, 30 trade hedges (such a stop loss), and over 20 trading platforms. 50 trading indicators.

Drag & Drop Virtual Editor – A joy that makes trading easy

It should be possible to set up your bot with Drag & Drop using the Visual editor. This is a very unique selling point. Many Bitcoin Trading Bots do not use software that is technical. This visual editor may solve this problem, making trading easy for everyone.

Haas bot Supported exchanges

Automated trading depends on its versatility. The number of supported cryptocurrency exchanges is an important part of its value proposition.

HaasOnline’s bot does a great job in this area. It almost exclusively supports the cryptocurrency futures markets and offers them.

It supports no less that 21 crypto-exchanges, including some of the most prominent names within digital assets. A few exchanges are included on the list.

HaasOnline Alternatives

HaasOnline review: Conclusion

HaasOnline’s cutting-edge trading software is what we can see all around crypto fintech. Trading bots, scripting languages, and analysis tools allow traders to increase their profits and efficiency.

HaasOnline’s pricing and learning curve might be too steep for new traders, but it will make trading easy for experienced traders who have been in Forex or traditional markets.

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