was once known as the Leonardo trading robot. It has been a success story and is still a prominent player in the market. It was known in its earliest days as Leonardo and was one of the most popular trading bots on the market.

The interface became outdated and the bot was sold to the current owners. The new interface was available with many new features, which made it even more popular among the public. Margin simplifies trading with its long list of features and the many exchanges supported by it.

The bot allows traders to directly interact with market data. The terminal supports a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin. Features

Visual trading was designed to be user-friendly. The bot is easy to use, and you don’t even need to know any programming.

Orders can be made directly from the charts. You can also see your trade’s gains by hovering over them. The RSS feed keeps you up-to-date with industry news and allows you to have a bird’s-eye view of 25 exchanges all in one place. Margin is a fully-featured trading terminal. You can connect another monitor to get that professional feel. Trading bots

With the available crypto trading bots, this visual, simplified drag-and-drop approach can also be used. crypto bots can be obtained by either linking existing bots to a set of predefined settings or using drag-and-drop in a particular order.

A rudimentary Python strategy editor is available, but it is much less complicated than the more colorful and beginner-friendly options.

Predefined features and cookie-cutter robots are great for traders who have little or no experience but leave much to be desired for more experienced users.

Most beginner-friendly solutions lack the customization required to make the most of changing market conditions and trends.

You can’t modify what works, which is a good thing for beginners, but you don’t have the ability to make it more profitable. Experts have to be able to do this. bots can be used by beginners. However, those who have worked in crypto trading will want more options and customization options.

For serious crypto day traders, Pionex and Bitsgap offer more options than what reviews. comes with 4 pre-made bots. These bots include the Exponential Moving Average bot that uses indicators to shift the average point of buy/sell, Bollinger Band bot and the Static Ping Pong bot. This is essentially a variation on the classic Margin Bot, which is the most basic type of trading automation.

GUI Customizable

It is easier to use the platform when you have a closer look. You will feel the same as everyone else and it will eventually become boring. Margin allows you to personalize the interface however. You can also change the order of sections on the platform. is customizable and can be customized to meet your needs.’s GUI can be modified and moved around like a Lego house.

Smart Order Router’s proprietary function, Smart Order, ensures that you can buy coins at the lowest prices by splitting larger orders over multiple exchanges. Smart Order uses your funds to calculate the best place to place an order. It also takes into account each exchange’s orders, books and fees.


When trading bots are involved, pricing is an important factor. Every company wants to be the best and offer the best features at the lowest possible price to make their trading bots stand out from the rest. Some trading bots are available on a monthly basis. Other trading bots, such as the Margin trading robot, are available on a monthly subscription basis. However, they can also be purchased by users for a one-time fee.

The latter are usually more profitable than the former because you make a profit, even though the market is slow to rise. In a few years, the cost of the bot you purchased will be covered.

Margin offers three packages: the Starter Package costs $89, the Standard package costs $169 and the Professional package costs $1999.

These licenses are available at a 50% discount. You can also add the same amounts to find the full price. The basic package can only support one exchange while the maximum package supports all exchanges with unlimited balance.

A free trial demo is available on the platform. This will allow you to get an idea of the products you will be buying. You can have multiple strategies implemented simultaneously and discover which one generates the highest profits by using the unlimited bots on each of the three packages.

Supported Exchanges supports a variety of popular cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges support all crypto pairs.

The bot currently supports the following cryptocurrency exchanges at the time of writing: and KuCoin teamed up recently to offer their services free to customers of the exchange. KuCoin accounts allow you to use trading bot services for free.

Pros and Cons

Established companyIt is not cloud-based
Configurable GUIFor seasoned traders, it’s not sophisticated enough
Numerous supported exchanges
Get a free demo version
Only one-time purchase fee

How secure is is a desktop app and is not accessible via a web-server. However, Margin is very secure thanks to the security standards it uses.

The app doesn’t require users to permit withdrawals from exchange APIs. After they have been encrypted/hashed, half of trader API keys are stored on the platform’s servers. recommends that you use a virtual private server. Security is essential.

Verdict is an excellent tool that is powerful and sophisticated, which is great for professional traders. It is also a great choice for beginners due to its intuitive design and supportive support.

You will need to download it, and rent a VPS to make it run 24/7.

The sheer number of supported exchanges makes it stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for alternatives to, but don’t like Cryptohopper and 3Commas, have a look at our reviews on lesser-known bots such as Quadency, Bitsgap or Coinrule, TradeSanta, Shrimpy, and TradeSanta.