Zignaly Crypto trading bot, an advanced automated crypto trading bot with social trading features. You can use the provided signals and copy experts to invest in crypto currencies. Or, you can choose the fully delegated mode, which allows for profit sharing . The cryptobot allows traders to either accept the Sell signals in an automated trading mode, or create their own rules and close their trading positions. Zignaly Crypto Bot can be used by clients as a TradingViewbot. Zignaly clients can create their own signals and then send them to Zignaly.

The Zignaly automated crypto-trading bot is based upon the user’s trades. Clients have several benefits.

What are people saying about Zignaly

Zignaly’s utility is highly praised by many, including Reddit. Zignaly, a trading bot for cryptocurrency, has been extremely successful.

The platform has many users who leave positive reviews. Zignaly’s feedback tends to be positive, and they agree with critics.

Zignaly also offers a unique feature that is not easily found in other trading bots: live analytics. These reports contain information about live metrics, monthly sales and burn rate.

Instead of lengthy tables and boring numbers, the details are presented in simple diagrams. This transparency is uncommon and Zignaly has a lot credibility. These metrics are an asset for traders as well as a major plus for the platform.

Supported Cryptocurrency exchanges?

Zignaly is currently only supporting Binance, Kucoin, VCC and Kucoin. They did however state that Zignaly is working on adding more exchanges to their platform.

Zignaly pros, cons

You can use it for freeOnly 4 exchanges support this policy
It’s easy to learn about new bot tradersComparable to other competition, very simple
Copy trading feature
Trading pairs unlimited

Zignaly Features

Crypto Signals

Zignaly lets you buy and trade signals from other signal providers even though it doesn’t offer them. Zignaly is a partner of some of the top signal providers such as Crypto Base Scanner, Mining Hamster Signals and Mining Hamster Signals.

Copy trading

This feature is great news for novice traders. Zignaly allows traders the ability to copy-trade. Zignaly will then replicate the trading activity of the trader they choose. Trader determines all settings and strategies. Zignaly’s online marketplace allows traders to charge for permission to let others copy their trades. You can see the success rate of each user and their reviews.

Profit sharing

Profit sharing models allow you to invest in top-performing traders. This allows you share in the profits and only pay a portion of trading fees.

Zignaly Safety and Security

Zignaly has no direct access to customer funds as with other trading platforms, bots, and brokers. Zignaly uses the exchange that the trader used for the operation.

Only four exchanges are supported by this platform. It uses its API to connect each exchange, but it won’t allow it to take funds from the trader account.

Zignaly also advises clients to not provide withdrawal authorizations via API. This means that customer funds can’t be accessed directly. This provides security and protects the funds against malicious attacks.

Before API keys can be stored in the database they are RSA encrypted. The database is protected in a DMZ, which is isolated from the rest of the world. We use a certificate for encrypting/decrypting the API-Keys, which is kept outside the database servers.

Teamwork is essential for the security of your account. To access your account or withdraw, you will need to enable 2-factor authentication (2FA).

Zignaly Pricing

Get started with Zignaly immediately by signing up for free.  The connecting exchanges may charge trading fees. You might be charged extra fees if you purchase signals or copy trades from another person via profit sharing and copy trading. Pay only for successful trades.

How to open Zignaly accounts

1. Register on the Zignaly website.
2. Connect your exchanges.
3. Start trading, copy trading, or profit sharing.

Zignaly alternatives

There are many other options than Zignaly for cryptocurrency trading robots. Here are some popular options.

Coinrule is a cryptocurrency trading bot that integrates to over 12 cryptocurrency exchanges. It was created in 2017. This crypto trading robot allows demo trading, and it uses conditional statements for trading the market.

TradeSanta – One of the most popular cryptocurrency trading bots in 2018, it currently has more than 99 auto trading robots to cover every trading strategy one could think of on autopilot.

BitsGap: Bitsgap provides the largest range of features including signals, demo account, portfolio management and crypto arbitrage on various exchanges.

Pionex is an exchange with 12 built-in crypto bots that can help you trade on autopilot

Zignaly bot review – Conclusion

Zignaly, a crypto trading platform that is easy to use by new investors, is among the most popular. It supports 4 cryptocurrency exchanges, but these are the most popular in the world. This means that you have access to hundreds trading pairs. Zignaly stands out because it doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee, unlike many other platforms. It is integrated with signals providers. Newbies can copy trades from top traders on the platform, making it easier to start making money.