Bitsgap allows you to connect all of your exchanges from one location. There are many benefits to this service, including the ability to execute arbitrage strategies quickly and to deploy advanced bots that trade simultaneously on multiple platforms.

Trade veterans will use multiple exchanges to gain access to specific markets or pairs, as well as take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. However, it can be cumbersome and time-consuming to move from one exchange to another.

You need to make sure that the platform you choose offers a wide range of tools, insights, and – most importantly – competitive fees, and commissions, if you want to trade digital currencies online. Bitsgap was created to meet the needs of cryptocurrency traders.

This Bitsgap review will cover everything you need to know about cross-exchange services provided by the provider.

What does Bitsgap do?

Bitsgap is a multi-tool for crypto trading that can solve any trading problems you might encounter.

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Trading with financial instruments carries high level of risks that is not suitable for all investors. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisor to ensure you understand the risks involved.

Bitsgap is a trading terminal that connects more than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges into one crypto trading platform. This allows you to easily and quickly commit to and execute transactions across the entire crypto market. Bitsgap also has an integrated arbitrage function that displays all possible differences in value across all supported exchanges. Clients can then use these potential gains for easy and risk-free profits.

Bitsgap’s most notable feature is its crypto trading bots.

Bitsgap trading robots rely on 12 well-designed, proven strategies to monitor the market. They automatically identify profitable deals and close them in order to maximise profit. Day traders can invest minimal time and still make a lot of money.

Bitsgap was founded in 2018 with humble beginnings. The Bitsgap team set out to simplify crypto trading and offer a complete, comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio management system.

They have been adding features to their product over the years to make it a leading force in the crypto trading market. There are a variety of services that can be used to make crypto trading with Bitsgap easier, more fun, and less risky.

You can subscribe to signals that are based on extensive analysis of powerful software and surveys by highly skilled professionals in the fields of security, software innovation, and crypto trade.

You can also use the Demo service to simulate market conditions and review your strategies. Your chances of losing crypto will drop dramatically.

There are many opportunities for Bitsgap to be a leader in the crypto trading bot industry, thanks to all that Bitsgap has to offer.

But how do these features work in practice?

What features does Bitsgap offer ?


Bitsgap’s trading section features a modern interface that is fully functional. Bitsgap has the following capabilities and features to make trading as easy as possible:

Interactive charts are available in the trading area. This screen shows you your most recent trades, open orders, and current balances. You can view and manage your account on all your linked exchanges.

You can switch between exchanges easily by clicking on the platform name located above the chart screen.

Bitsgap also offers different trading orders that will give you greater control over your cryptocurrency trading endeavors.

Bitsgap offers a range of analytical trading tools that allow you to analyze the performance of all trading pairs. You have the option to set a time frame and choose a chart style, as well as work with various indicators.

Bot for cryptocurrency trading

Bitsgap’s Bot serves to quickly and easily deal with the fluctuations of the crypto market.

Bitsgap’s bots have a variety of strategies and approaches that allow them to benefit from changes in crypto market algorithms to generate a steady income. It is impossible to stop crypto values rising or falling and the market changing.

Bitsgap’s automated trading bot makes money without your constant supervision.

It is easy to design a website in just a few clicks.

The bot will follow your instructions and link your crypto exchanges.

Fear of a forced strategy doesn’t mean you have to be. You can backtest every approach against various circumstances, profit and loss.

Strategies come pre-defined so that you don’t have to think about every possible flaw in your trading plan.

These bots were created by experts. They are regularly updated and reviewed. Bitsgap is proud of its reputation and values the user experience above all else.

Bitsgap’s bots are accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Bitsgap signals are how Bitsgap keeps its users updated about market changes. These will alert you to price anomalies. You will be notified if there is a significant change in the cryptocurrency’s value. This will allow you to keep track of all your trading pairs and quickly take action if things go your way.

Bitsgap provides data about the trends in different cryptocurrency trading pairs. Any coin that shows an unusual pattern will be added to the signal list. The platform uses technical indicators to determine if a rapid movement could appear as a trading signal.

These signals can be very useful for traders to set up stop-loss or take-profit orders that reduce risk. Filtering signals can be done based on signal strength and exchange.


Arbitrage is another powerful and easy-to-use tool offered by Bitsgap

What is it all about? It boils down to exploiting value gaps between two cryptocurrency exchanges.

These differences in value are too small for human traders to exploit. Bitsgap’s algorithm however commits deals in milliseconds, and profitably from delays between markets.

Your account balance is used to calculate deals. This ensures maximum profits and minimal risk. Arbitrage can be made between fiat and crypto currencies. All exchange fees are calculated into profit by our algorithm.

It’s so simple and yet so powerful! This is the key to Arbitrage’s success.

Bitsgap Portfolio

Bitsgap’s portfolio administration is another useful feature. It has less to do trading and more to do cryptocurrency management.

Bitsgap allows you to monitor over 1800 types of crypto coins. It seamlessly and automatically records trade transactions in your balance, without you needing to keep track of them manually.

Portfolio is updated instantly, with no limitations. Bitsgap’s Portfolio function is compatible with all supported crypto exchanges such as Binance and Kraken. You can also integrate OKEx.


When trading, it is important to emphasise the importance of using a demo account. This is becoming more important as more traders are getting into cryptocurrency trading.

Bitsgap’s demo facility is preloaded with simulated money and allows you to trade without any financial risk.

You can access the Bitsgap demo account to:


This platform has so many functions and features for cryptocurrency traders that it is not surprising that it offers four packages to suit the needs of a broad audience.

This platform is much more than a trading bot. You might expect it to be expensive, but it is actually quite affordable.

The Free Plan: This plan provides the platform’s standard features, but with certain limitations. There is a $1,000 limit on the monthly volume.

There are three additional plans available for pay, in addition to the Free Plan:

The Basic Package: This package includes a monthly volume limit in the amount of $25,000, core services and two trading bots. Monthly pricing starts at $19/month or $15/month for an annual billing.

Advanced Package: Priority Support, Standard Features, Arbitrage, Standard Features, 5 Trading Bots, Volume Limit of $100,000 per Month, and Priority Support Monthly pricing starts at $35/month if billed annually and $44/month if billed monthly.

The Bitsgap Pro Package: This package is Bitsgap’s most advanced. The Pro Package includes 15 trading bots and all features offered by Bitsgap, as well as arbitrage. It costs $88/month if you buy it annually. Monthly it is $110/month.

This platform provides everything you need on a single interface. You can find the following in all plans:

Exchanges supported by Bitsgap

This platform has many benefits, not only because it offers many services, but also because of the large number of supported exchanges. This is Bitsgap’s greatest feature.

It allows you to monitor and track market prices, signals, and bot settings via the 25 supported cryptocurrency exchanges. It even offers arbitrage options that are available for use on exchanges that support it.

These are just a handful of the exchanges that Bitsgap supports.

Many of the exchanges Bitsgap supports offer services on a global scale, which attracts more people.


Bitsgap has a comprehensive offer that is accessible to everyone in the crypto trading community. It also takes a positive stance on user experience, quality of life, and security. Bitsgap certainly deserves top marks for every quality that makes crypto trading automation software great.

Bitsgap is a reliable, efficient, time-saving and trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform. This platform integrates so many functions that it is basically an all-in-one trading platform. It’s worth a try. We can only recommend this platform.

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