Guarda Wallet is a great choice if you value security and the possibility to trade, buy, store and earn a variety of digital currencies. Guarda, an open-source, multiplatform, noncustodial, software wallet, is Guarda Wallet. This review will discuss what the wallet offers and how it compares with other wallets.

What is Guarda Wallet?

Guarda Wallet was launched for the first time in 2017. It’s a secure and “all-in one” wallet. Guarda is an open-source, noncustodial wallet that places a strong emphasis on security and privacy. It provides access to more than 400,000 digital assets as well as over 50 blockchains for both desktop and mobile devices. Guarda, although it’s a hot wallet, is also hardware-compatible if you need more security. You can also trade and earn with it, including staking and crypto-backed loans.

Guarda Wallet is a great cryptocurrency software wallet that can be used by both novice and experienced crypto investors. It offers security, a user-friendly interface, and the ability for them to manage all of their crypto assets from one location.

Guarda Wallet Supported Blockchains

Guarda Wallet supports 45 different blockchains as well as the tokens issued on these blockchains. Guarda also supports over 10,000 different crypto tokens, which have been issued by various projects throughout the years. There is a good chance that the wallet you are looking for supports the crypto asset.

These are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies that Guarda supports:

Guarda Wallet Features

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Guarda wallets are available in two versions, which support the most popular mobile OS systems – Android or iOS. Mobile Guarda wallet users can buy, stake, and exchange on the move with fingerprint or facial authentication.

Guarda Web Wallet

The web wallet can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. Guarda claims that extensive security measures have been taken to protect users. Guarda’s web wallet can also connect to Ledger API. Guarda Multi-Currency webWallet can connect to Ledger devices for increased security and Guarda signature interface.

Desktop Wallets

The desktop and laptop versions have the same capabilities of the Web version. This wallet is not required to register and it is not custodial. Guarda claims that it has secured the anonymity and security of wallet operations for its users.

Guarda Wallet Security

Despite its youth, Guarda Wallet is one of the most secure cryptocurrency wallets on the market. It has a number of advanced security features. Guarda’s security has not been compromised, according to reports.

It is not a custody wallet. This means users have complete control over their keys. If the servers hosting the wallet provider are compromised, hackers will be unable to access funds stored in wallets. On the mobile version, users can also activate Face ID verification.

Customer Service

If you have ever tried a cryptocurrency wallet and had problems, you know how difficult it is to get good customer service. It can take days for a response, if at all, in most cases.

Multiple Guarda Wallet reviews have shown that this wallet is quite different. Guarda’s customer service is very helpful and will resolve any issues you may be having (if they exist).

Guarda’s customer service will be available for you 24/7. If you have any questions about the platform or have concerns, do not hesitate asking.

Guarda Wallet Costs and Fees

Fees for cryptocurrency transactions can be set in Guarda Wallet. The network determines the transaction fees for wallet transactions. They may differ depending on network conditions and the amount you are willing to pay to expedite transactions.

If you want to send Bitcoin, for example, you can choose how much to pay in network fees by clicking on “Advanced Options.” The value is expressed in satoshis per byte. This number can be increased to make your transaction more expensive, but it will settle faster.

When you make a transaction on Ethereum or any other smart contract-enabled Blockchain, you can also choose how much gas fees you want to pay.

Users must pay a 5.5% service fee when making crypto purchases with Guarda. This applies whether they are using debit or credit cards.


Guarda Wallet has been designed to be a single-stop solution for crypto enthusiasts. It supports more than 50 blockchains. Guarda Wallet supports over 50 blockchains. Once you have found them, you can trade, buy, and store digital currencies all from the wallet.

Staking is a way to earn interest on your holdings. The platform offers many coins with the option to stake. It’s a great option for those who want to have many functions in one place and don’t need to switch to another trading platform.


Guarda Wallet is a top-rated crypto wallet that allows users to buy, sell and swap digital assets seamlessly from one location.

It is a highly secure multi-platform wallet that is loved by both beginners and experts alike. This is due to its easy-to-use interface, extensive features and focus on customer satisfaction. Guarda offers some of the best customer service we’ve ever seen in the crypto world.

Although the crypto purchase fees seem high, it is possible to argue that they are justified considering Guarda Wallet’s high-quality security, customer support and multi-platform approach, which makes crypto asset management simple and secure.