Unchained Capital is a company that specializes in finance based upon Bitcoin. It brings unique features to the market, and is a strong contender in the growing crypto and digital markets. Unchained claims to create a native ecosystem that provides security and an interactive platform for Bitcoin.

What is Unchained Capital?

Unchained is based in Austin, Texas. It was founded by Joe Kelly and Dhruv Bangsal in 2016. The company raised $2.995 million seed capital in 2020 to build the team and develop wealth management products.

Unchained provides a concierge service to customers who need professional-level assistance in setting up loans or shared custody wallets. The service is $2,000 per year but could be worthwhile for investors who want to use the loan to purchase more Bitcoin.

What is Unchained Capital?

Unchained Capital is a Bitcoin-focused financial service company that offers a variety of services for both beginners and experienced crypto traders. All of their multi-institution solutions are available for personal and business use. The cold storage service and multi-institution cold wallets are available for maximum security.

Users can keep 2-of-3 private keys to control their Bitcoin. However, users only have one of the three keys to manage for multiple institutions. The cryptocurrency-based loans have a limit to their value, which limits the market’s surge. Unchained is a great choice for individuals as they offer a competitive and affordable price for the services they provide.

Types of Loans with Unchained Capital

Cryptocurrency-based Loans

After completing all three steps, you can receive up to $1,000,000 from this firm in the same day.

You can choose from one of the predetermined loans plans as a client:

Unchained Capital’s policies can be described as transparent and straightforward:

Personal Loans

Unchained Capital loans are available through the company. They are based on blockchain technology and don’t require credit checks. While traditional fiat loans can be discouraged for many, the process of getting Bitcoin-backed loans is simple and straightforward. Unchained Capital loans allow users to keep 2 of the 3 private keys. This gives them more control over the assets. You can set up a vault to store your collaterals or assets. Users can also upload their private keys directly from their hardware wallets. With Unchained Capital’s Concierge, the entire process of getting a personal loan becomes even easier.

Commercial Loans

Unchained Capital loans can be a powerful tool for any business. The platform supports up to 15 users and is multi-user friendly. Users can leverage Unchained’s collaboration custody to access other financial institutions while still maintaining full control over the keys.

Benefits of Unchained Capital Loans

In order to be used as collateral, your Bitcoin (BTC), or Ether (ETH), cryptocurrency will be deposited at an address provided by the company. To receive funds, your loan must be approved within one day. This is a significant savings compared to traditional finance. Although funds are transferred within 24 hours, it may take some time before funds are deposited to your bank account.

Apply for Unchained Capital

It is easy and efficient to get an account up and running. You can create an account by entering your credentials on the company website. As part of industry-standard KYC practices, individuals must provide their names, email IDs and phone numbers.

Unchained Capital loans can be applied for using Bitcoin loans. Unchained claims to be one of the most secure service providers in the U.S. Unchained claims to offer one of the most secure services in America. It offers services in many states across the country. The minimum loan amount for personal use is $10,000. For companies, it is $100,000. This may filter out some people, so if this is you, then you should continue to search for the right platform.

Borrowing Limits

The type of loan you choose will determine the amount that can be borrowed. If it’s a domestic loan, you can borrow anywhere from $10,000 to $1,000,000. International loans can be borrowed from $100,000 to $1,000,000

Unchained Capital Interest Rates

Unchained Capital offers competitive rates and rate cards. The introduction of Decentralized Financing (DeFi), however, has made things more complicated for Unchained. You can obtain attractive rates if your amount falls within the company’s range. A loan for up to one year has an average interest rate of 11%. This rate includes the origination fee as well as the interest rate. These rates change depending on their purpose. The interest & rates for loans are 40% loan-to-value. Rates and interests can vary from one region to the next.


Unchained Capital is a top bitcoin lending site. It has a security system in place to protect your collateral in the event that bitcoin’s value fluctuates. If bitcoin’s value is significantly fluctuating, you will be notified via email. Notification will be sent to you that bitcoin is at risk of being liquidated. You will be required to either deposit additional collateral or pay the principal in USD. If the price of bitcoin skyrockets, you can obtain a collateral return if the principal-to-collateral ratio surpasses 250 percent. Within 30 days of the loan’s start date and the final margin call, your request will be processed.