Nebeus, which was founded in 2014 by Sergey Romansovskiy is one of few crypto exchanges that allows you to store both crypto assets as well as fiat currencies in one wallet. The platform offers convenience and security by mimicking a real wallet that contains fiat cash, credit and debit cards from multiple financial institutions.

Nebeus holds 98% of clients’ coins in safe, offline cold wallets. It also supports fiat to cryptocurrency conversions as well as one-to-one currency conversions. It may be the right choice for you if you are looking for an all-in-one service.

What can Nebeus offer?

Nebeus allows you to store Bitcoins, Ethereums, and Nebeus tokens. You can also use the integrated exchange to instantly buy or sell cryptocurrency.

Nebeus also issues cryptocurrency debit cards, which allows you to convert your cryptocurrencies into cash at any USD/Euro dispensing ATM anywhere in the world.

Coins in your Nebeus wallet can help you make money. A Nebeus high-yield crypto savings account can help users earn interest on crypto coins. The yields are dependent on how long you have the account and how much you deposit.

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Trading with financial instruments carries high level of risks that is not suitable for all investors. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisor to ensure you understand the risks involved.

Nebeus Features

Crypto Loans

Borrowing can be done using your Bitcoin and ETH as collateral. Nebeus allows you to borrow anywhere between 72% and 80% depending on the price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies. These loans are charged at 10.55% interest. The flexible loan funds can be chosen in US dollars, British Pounds or Euros.

There are two types available: quick and flexible loans.

These rates are extremely competitive and can proudly stand alongside the crypto lending platforms such as BlockFi, YouHodler and CoinLoan.

Nebeus Savings Account

Nebeus Savings Accounts are a great way for you to earn interest on your crypto assets. The platform’s high yield savings account pays 8.25% in interest, and interest earnings are paid out in fiat.

It is nearly as good as Binance Savings which is the industry leader.

Two-factor Transaction Confirmations

To combine protection and ease of use, transactions must be validated using a single-use pin.

You will need a unique PIN that your mobile device generates whenever you make a transaction. This ensures that coins are not stolen from your wallet by anyone other than you and protects your account.

Free User Transactions

It is rare for an exchange to offer free person to person transfers. This free service is offered by Nebeus Quickpay.

What type of platform is Nebeus?

Nebeus is a cryptocurrency exchange that holds 98% of client coins in cold storage. Hardware wallets are safest, but also the most expensive. These offline wallets are the safest and most secure options. They also come at a fraction of their cost, or even at no cost.

Crypto-backed Loans

Nebeus instant crypto-backed loans can be accessed in just minutes. Users can also transfer fiat to their cards within minutes in more than 100 countries.

It is very simple to understand.

Users first need to create a Nebeus Account. It takes only a few minutes and is completely free. The process is simple and, unlike traditional loans, there is very little paperwork.

Second, applicants will need to deposit collateral. As of the writing of this article, Nebeus accepts these cryptocurrencies as collateral to their loans:

The platform also offers a high Loan-To-Value ratio (LTV). Their lowest rate is 72%. It can go up to 80% which is one of the highest market rates.

You can also choose different terms and Nebeus won’t alter the interest rate depending on the term. This allows users to choose longer terms for long-term loans and also gives them the ability to repay the entire amount whenever they wish without worrying about penalties.

Every user can also access the Loan Health Monitor on the platform. They can view the status of their loans and the collateral they have posted in real time. Users can react immediately if the price for the collateral cryptocurrency starts to drop. 

Users can also instantly withdraw their loans from a credit card. Nebeus’ crypto-backed loans are typically issued in Euros. Users can choose Pounds or dollars to have the loan sent directly to their credit cards after it is credited in the wallet. There are more than 90 countries supported.

Cryptocurrency buying and selling

Nebeus users can also buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from their accounts. The platform currently supports Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Users can easily top up their accounts with a credit card and have the money arrive in around 5-10 minutes. They can also top-up their Nebeus accounts using their credit cards, which makes the transfer of funds quick and easy.

Nebeus Costs

Free cold storage is available for cryptocurrency in the wallet. This means that coins are protected offline and away from malicious third-party software and apps. The wallet can be used to store coins at no cost.

For withdrawing Bitcoin, depositing is free but withdrawals are subject to a minimum withdrawal fee. This fee is 2.5% + 0.80 EUR.

Transfers between users of the Nebeus network can be made instantly and are free. All other transfers will take place within 24 hours. The amount of cryptocurrency being moved around can vary depending on the blockchain’s activity. This is beyond Nebeus’ control.


The Nebeus platform does an outstanding job of protecting members’ funds and transactions. It ensures that wallets are protected from hackers by storing 98% of crypto assets in cold wallets. Transactions are fast and easy, with lower fees than other exchanges. It does not support more currencies and tokens than it currently supports.


Is Nebeus secure?

Yes. Nebeus employs best-practice security features such as password protection and 2-Factor authentication. PIN + 2-Factor authentication is used for withdrawals. It also prevents the possibility of changing wallet addresses without PIN confirmation.

Do I need to verify my Nebeus wallet?

Verification will take on average 3 business days. You will need to provide primary photo ID documentation as well as secondary ID, such as a utility bill and proof of address.

How does Nebeus make money?

Three sources are how Nebeus makes money. By charging interest for crypto-backed loans, charging fees to crypto transactions and spreading the cost of buy/sell cryptocurrencies.

What are the countries Nebeus is available in?

Nebeus claims that users who are verified can send money to a debit/credit/card in more than 100 countries, including Australia, the United States and Germany.