Mycelium was one of the first cryptocurrency wallets to be launched in 2008. It’s a mobile-based wallet that offers multiple account types, including Single Address Accounts (HD), Hierarchical Deterministic Accounts (SD), Watch Only Accounts, Watch Only Accounts and Bit ID accounts. Mycelium wallet can be used to store, transfer and trade Bitcoin. Open source means that the wallet can be connected to the BTC network quickly. Mycelium can integrate with other wallets. It was named the Best Mobile App of 2014.

What is Mycelium?

Mycelium is a repeatable wallet that can store Bitcoin. It cannot hold any other digital assets. The mobile app can be used on both Android and iOS. The Mycelium team’s hardware engineers have created a user interface that makes it easy to switch between accounts, add multiple payment addresses and view transaction history.

This wallet relies on SPV, or Simplified payment Verification technique. This allows users to download a complete Blockchain. This platform also offers a unique cold storage feature that allows users to store their money until they are ready to transfer or spend their cryptocurrencies. This article will help you find the answer to the question “What is the best cryptocurrency wallet?”


Mycelium is a simple, Bitcoin-focused wallet that focuses on security. Mycelium supports Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as several ERC-20 tokens. The app allows users to trade, send, and receive money.

Android users can access Mycelium’s local Trader feature. This allows them to sell and buy Bitcoin to individuals in their region. Apple users will not be able to use Local Trader.

Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet

Mycelium wallet uses either a master seed or mnemonic seed to successfully derivate the Bitcoin address for wallet recovery.

Hardware Wallet Compatibility

You can store your crypto coins with Mycelium wallets by using a hardware wallet such as KeepKey, Trezor, or Ledger Nano S.

Mycelium Marketplace

Mycelium has its own decentralized exchange, Mycelium Local Trader. It’s an in-person marketplace that connects traders and facilitates Bitcoin users to buy and sell in a safe environment. Automatic calculation is also a hallmark of the service, depending on how many trades have been abandoned or successful. Secure chat uses the Bitcoin private keys to provide end-to-end encryption.


Mycelium, although a hot wallet is not as secure as a Trezor (opens in new tab) or Ledger. The app can be integrated with certain hardware wallets, adding an additional layer of security to your transactions, as we have already mentioned.

Its ability to route transactions through Tor for maximum privacy is one of its best features. Wasabi’s cryptocurrency wallet is the only wallet that requires connections to Tor (opens in a new tab). It would be unfair to compare Wasabi and Mycelium since Wasabi does not have an app for Android or iOS, while Mycelium doesn’t provide clients for any desktop platform.

Mycelium, which is a thin wallet similar to Electrum (opens new tab), offers many of the same security features. Electrum does not offer the same cryptocurrency functions that this wallet does but has a simpler interface.

Exodus is the best interface (opens in a new window) because it’s easy to use and hides many advanced features such as the ability for custom fees to be added to transactions.

Pros and Cons

Open sourceOnly for Bitcoin
There are many types of accountsNo desktop version
Integrated marketplace

Mycelium Fees

Mycelium is fairly affordable for most cryptocurrency wallets. The app is free to download. Although users will be charged network fees to send coins, this is the industry norm. Send fees can be customized. As the priority level increases, the send fee will increase. Receiving crypto on the Mycelium wallet is free. Mycelium charges the same as its competitors for crypto.


Mycelium wallets are a solid choice for Bitcoin holders with experience who value security. They are a reliable and secure option for users who want to protect their funds. Users will have to decide if reproducibility is an essential feature of the wallet they choose. Mycelium’s long-standing status is also a comfort to users.

It does have some potential drawbacks. First, it it doesn’t have a large number of supported coins. This makes it less appealing for those who want to store many coins. Although the user interface is simple, it’s not easy for beginners. There is also a lack of educational resources on both the website and the app. The most striking thing to us was the inconsistency between the iOS and Android offerings. Both are different. Android users have a more robust offering, especially when it comes to “Local Trader” and the Ethereum network. The iOS app only supports the Bitcoin network.