TREZOR Model T, a hardware wallet with a touchscreen allows you to store cryptocurrencies offline. TREZOR is a hardware wallet that’s not connected to the Internet. This allows you to keep your private keys safe from hackers, unlike other Bitcoin wallets. The touchscreen is a nice addition, but it doesn’t seem worth the extra cost. This is the TREZOR model T in its simplest form.

TREZOR Model T for beginners

The Trezor T is a great hardware cryptocurrency wallet for beginners. It’s simple to set up, allows you to buy assets and tokens through the TrezorWallet app, and you can also exchange assets and tokens within this app.

It is a great choice for beginners in crypto because they don’t have to register with an Exchange to purchase their first cryptocurrency tokens or coins. This feature is not offered by most software wallets and it is not available on the Ledger hardware wallets. Similar functionality can be found when you compare Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets.

TREZOR Model T is a great choice for beginners, as it allows them to access cryptos quickly and easily, as well as allowing them to set up their wallet with minimal effort. It’s also one of the most expensive wallets available.

You are looking to purchase a Trezor Model T, but it is too costly. If you are looking to remain within the Trezor ecosystem, the Trezor One is a good alternative.

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TREZOR Model T Unpacked

A box containing the hardware wallet is included in the shipping envelope. The shipment includes a box containing the hardware wallet. The back of the packaging. It is obvious that the packaging for the TREZOR Model T was completely redesigned in comparison to TREZOR One. While the logo is on the front, the information on the back includes more information like the supported cryptocurrencies. The foil seals the packaging. You can remove the outer white cover and reveal the inner black packaging. The TREZOR Model T can be seen through a small window. The lid is secured by a magnet at the front and can be opened with no glue. The quick start guide, accessories, and TREZOR T can be seen inside the lid. Magnets hold the hardware wallet in place and can be easily removed by using a little force. The magnet will not cause damage to the hardware wallet and accessories.

The TREZOR Model T device

The device’s 15g weight makes it easy to hold. It measures 64x39x10mm and is slightly larger than the predecessor TREZOR One. The 240×240 RGB LCD color touchscreen on its front panel is responsible for this. The TREZOR logo is located above the display. The underside of the display has a female USB-C port with USB 2.0. It is covered by a hologram seal. The hologram should be placed over the USB-C port on the TREZOR. It can leave traces on your device that are hard to remove once it is removed. There is an interface for a microSD Card on the right. This interface allows developers to manually install the bootloader. This interface can also be used to perform daily tasks using a new firmware in the future. You can save your labeling to the SD card and upload it encrypted to Dropbox. Or you can sign files via SD Card with a private key.

The contents inside

You will find the USB-C cable, as well as other accessories, in the black box located next to your device. Open the accessory box from the carton. The cable is 50cm in length. Also included are the “Getting Started” guide and two cards to record the recovery seed (backup). They also come with stickers. But that’s not all. The black plastic piece under the TREZOR MODEL T serves a second purpose. It is a magnetic mount for the new hardware wallet. Double-sided adhesive tape can be attached to any solid base. The magnetism allows you to dock the TREZOR Model T there, and view the screen at any moment.

TREZOR Model T Features

The TREZOR Model T’s large touchscreen display is in full color. This feature is not available on the Ledger Nano X. The touchscreen is a major selling point for the TREZOR Model T. It is much easier to review crypto addresses and enter pin numbers on the touch screen.

Although the TREZOR Model T is more expensive than the flagship Nano X from Ledger, it offers the same level of security as the Nano X but gives users more power. Because cryptocurrency like Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin can be bought directly via the Trezor Wallet app with fiat. These assets can then be exchanged within Trezor Wallet.

Trezor’s website (Trezor Support), has detailed instructions that walk you through the entire purchase and exchange process.

The Model T can also be used to authenticate U2F or FIDO2 methods. More details are available in the security section.

Supported Coins

The TREZOR T currently supports a variety of coins including Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens(XLM), and others that were not supported in the previous versions. These are the main supported coins:

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Ripple [XRP], Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS EthereumClassic (ETC), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and Dash

Over 1000 crypto assets are supported.

How to set up TREZOR Model T

Install the TREZOR bridge

Depending on your operating system, you will need to download the appropriate TREZOR Bridge. This is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This is the link between your computer and your hardware wallet. This software runs in the background. After the software has been installed, you will need to reload the page. You will now be automatically forwarded the TREZOR wallet.

Install firmware

The TREZOR Wallet automatically detects your device and offers to install firmware for TREZOR MODEL T. This allows you to immediately start the latest firmware. Every startup also checks the firmware for authenticity. Every startup runs the firmware to verify its authenticity. You will be notified immediately if something is tampered with. To start the installation, click on the button. The installation does not require any interaction with the hardware wallet. Installation runs on its own.

Make a new wallet/ import old ones

You can now either create a wallet from scratch or import one you already have. This can be used to import any BIP39 recovery seed. It is possible to change from TREZOR One or a competitor product like the Ledger Nano, but it is not recommended unless the previous wallet is safe. This review has a Security section that explains how to import an existing wallet. The following steps will create a new wallet. The hardware wallet will be ready to use in a matter of seconds after you click “Create new”. There are still steps to complete the setup and secure the hardware wallet.

TREZOR Model T vs. The Corazon

The Corazon wallet is a hardware wallet that allows you to buy a more robust and stunning Model T. This is the TREZOR Model T in an aerospace-grade titanium case made by Gray, a company that specializes in futuristic, high-end craftsmanship.

Different textures

Corazon’s texture has been specially designed to make it nearly impossible to forge. Gray, the manufacturer, can identify whether or not the device is authentic. Gray can confirm the authenticity of your product by sending you a photo and a video. Trezor was in trouble before when fraudulent companies tried to copy the product down to the packaging. Plastic materials are easy to reproduce because they have standard manufacturing processes.

Anti-tamper design

Corazon’s special tamper-proof design prevents anyone from disassembling it, changing its electronics inside or closing it with any visible evidence of compromise. This protects you from any bad actors who might intercept your product as it is being shipped. To remove the electronics from the device, you would need an electric saw. Trezor Model T has a similar design but is made from plastic. Trezor uses ultrasonic welding. This involves the plastic cases being welded together by very fast vibrations that generate heat and join the two plastic cases.

Price difference

The Corazon Titanium is an amazing piece of hardware. It is almost six times as expensive as the original Model T. You can also add Stealth and Gold to your order, but they are very rare.


Configuration of the device

Click on the name to access the settings for the TREZOR T hardware wallet. You can edit the name, pin and generate public keys for each account. This allows you access all transactions and can be used to import into an app on your smartphone.

You can modify the background image by clicking the “Homescreen” tab. It will then appear inside the circle and not the lock. You can upload your picture or choose from the gallery. The action must be confirmed by the hardware wallet.

You can also create a passphrase under the advanced settings. This can help increase security. You can also disable the PIN and reset the device, as well as change the home screen (i.e. The TREZOR Model T Display image is not currently available.

App settings

You can choose a fiat currency to convert the coins’ values from within the app settings. A Bitcore Server URL can also be set depending on the cryptocurrency. This will allow you to specify the location where the latest information about the blockchain is loaded. It is recommended that you keep the TREZOR server.

TREZOR Model T Price

$267 for one TREZOR T device, or $337 for the TREZOR Backup Pack which includes a TREZOR T as well as a Cryptotag metallic seed backup. Shipping and VAT are not included in the price.

Model T vs. TREZOR One

Both models have the same basic features and support for the same amount of coins. The extra functionality doesn’t justify the additional cost ($267 for TREZOR T vs. $74 for TREZOR One). The device is slightly larger than the TREZOR One, which is a disadvantage.


The TREZOR T is a fantastic piece of hardware. Its main feature is the touchscreen. This means that if you are recovering your wallet from a seed, you won’t be entering your seed on your computer. Instead, you will enter it on your device. This is an additional security measure to keep your seed safe.

If you don’t care about price and don’t want to carry your TREZOR around with you, the Model T is a better option.